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15.10.19 / Comrade Kerem Pehlivan (Demhat Günebakan) Is Immortal!


MLKP Kurdistan / Statement / 15 October 2019

During the occupation attack of the fascist Turkish colonial state, which began on 9 October on the Freedom ground of Rojava and northern Syria, our comrade Kerem Pehilvan (Demhat Günebakan) fell martyr.
Against the occupation preparations of the Turkish state against the revolution grounds of Rojava, days ago comrade Demhat took position at the border to take on duties in the defense of Serekaniye. On October 9, the colonial-fascist Turkish state began to bombard our freedom lands and our revolutionary positions with warplanes and howitzers. The Sehit Serkan Battalion was the first target of the bombing. Comrade Demhat, who was carrying out his revolutionary tasks at the border as a fighter of the Sehit Serkan Battalion, fell martyr on the first day of the attack following an assassination attempt.
After starting his revolutionary work in Istanbul in 2014, he has been trained at the Hüseyin Demircioğlu Academy in the spring of 2015 and made his way to Rojava. He took on duties and responsibilities as part of the Şehit Serkan Battalion.
In the International Freedom Battalion on the Rakka front, in 2016 and 2017, he advanced the military work. In early 2017, when ISIS attacked the position of the International Freedom Battalion, he fought side by side with the comrades, who repulsed the attack and inflicted heavy casualties on the ISIS. A sacrificial resistance was made.


12.10.19 / MLKP Rojava Representative Ahmet Şoreş Evaluates The War On Rojava


MLKP Rojava representative Ahmet Şoreş evaluates the Turkish invasion of northern and eastern Syria and reports on the situation in Rojava

 The fascist "palace" regime has begun a war of occupation under the name of "Peace Spring" How do you evaluate this occupation attack?

The colonialist fascist state under the leadership of the fascist chief Erdogan began an occupation attack on Rojava on 9 October with the permission of the imperialists. The colonialist palace regime has long been pursuing diplomatic and military preparations for this purpose, trying with all methods of psychological warfare, to prepare the peoples of Turkey for this dirty war. After all, the regime has received the expected approval of the USA and Russia. Now the war has started between revolution and counter-revolution, between the forces of freedom and fascism, between the regional revolution and the regional reaction.


07.10.19 / Resistance and Serhildan everywhere!

The invasion of Northern Syria and Rojava by the colonial fascist Turkish state is a matter of time now. The dictatorship of the palace took the necessary permission from the US, whose aide it is. Previously, the Russian, Iranian and Syrian states had approved this invasion. The CHP stated that they would support this occupation policy with the Syria conference.

The forces of revolution and counter-revolution are once again confronted.

The freedom revolution of peoples in Rojava, the Rojava women's revolution, the international Rojava revolution are now going through a new process. The peoples of Rojava and Northern Syria will defend their land, honor and freedom with great resistance against the occupation. Nobody shall doubt that!

It is the most current duty of communists, socialists, revolutionaries, democrats, women, young people, workers and all oppressed to defend the acquired revolutionary position with all our strength and turning the occupation attack into a defeat of the colonial Turkish state and global imperialist powers in the region.

Just as in the Kobanê war, the peoples of Kurdistan, Turkey, arab peoples and the peoples of the world, everywhere resistance and serihıldan against the occupation and the Turkish state must raise.

The spirit of time is resistance and serihıldan!



26.09.19 / Workers, Women, Youth And Poor Thirsty For Justice!

26/09/2019 / FESK / Statement

The fascist chief-regime managed to outpace all the previous fascist regimes regarding its hostility against the laboring and oppressed. To build up its power the regime is totally dependent on carrying out a fascist psychological war through state terror and lies. The regime is even afraid of the most basic democratic rights. Meetings, rallies, demonstrations, events, artistic and cultural activities, even publications of the press are being attacked by the police of the palace and prohibited by governors, who are following the orders of the fascist chief.

When the regime does not manage to change the general or local election results by ballot rigging and forgery, by repeating the elections or with the help oft the high election committee, it simply replaces the elected persons with trustees. Workers and oppressed, who demand the right of speech, press, assembly, organization and action, are terrorized with custody, prison and being kicked out of there jobs. The army and the police of the fascist palace currently appear to be a machine made for killing and torture working around the clock.


27.09.19 / Bomb Attack By FESK in Adana

The Armed Forces of the Poor and Oppressed (FESK), have declared its responsibility for the attack against the police in Adana.

On September 25, in the Yüreğir district, an explosive device was detonated next to a riot police bus intended to bring the security forces to duty. The armored bus was severely damaged by the explosion and five people were injured, according to various media reports.

FESK declared that the attack against the police of the fascist Palace regime was a response to the "systematic State terror against the oppressed, the poor and the working class".

FESK said they carried out the attack "to avenge the comrades and revolutionaries who fell in the fight for freedom, and as part of the resistance against the trustee attack".

The FESK pointed out that the Turkish regime was afraid of even the smallest of democratic rights and freedoms; "Meetings, rallies, protests and demonstrations, artistic and cultural events, and even press briefings are attacked by the police of the fascist Palace and banned by governors who serve as the aide of the fascist Chef. In view of this, it is inevitable and imperative for the oppressed and the poor to defend themselves by military means against the fascist regime. For nowhere in the world has there been any success against fascism without political and military resistance. Because fascism means a regime based on terror and lies."

The organization vowed that they would continue to fulfill their revolutionary duties they had undertaken as urban guerrilla in the struggle against fascism and colonialism.

The Armed Forces of the Poor and Oppressed called on workers, women and youth to join the ranks of FESK and consolidate the revolution.

08.09.19 / On its 25th year of Fight, the Sacrifice Troop of the Revolution is Young and Unyielding as Ever! Let's Rise the Struggle for the Power of the Workers-Laborers' Councils and Socialism!


Sisters and Brothers!

Our party, which celebrates its 25th year of fight, was founded in the period when the world counter-revolution had proclaimed its absolute victory. The world bourgeoisie was yelling that exploiters would always exploit, whereas the exploited would always be exploited. According to this parasitic, exploitive and cruel sovereigns, the rich and the poor, the oppressor and the oppressed would always remain as so; the world would be an eternal hell for the workers, women, the poor, urban laborers, peasants, the youth, oppressed peoples and oppressed beliefs. A new world order would have been created under the control of the US as a world gendarme, in which workers and the oppressed would no longer have the courage to raise their voice, to fight for their honor and freedom for the sake of a new world and new life. There ideology was supposed to be dead, the history has already ended!
Declaring its foundation on September 10, 1994, the MLKP was a challenge to the bourgeoisie in the conditions of that period; a communist response to all those lies, demagogies and threats of destruction. It was the outcry of a just and humane hatred to the exploitive and cruel world of capitalism. It was an enthusiastic hand of fraternity thrusting to those who struggle in various corners of the world with their longing to freedom and socialism; a new red emplacement which was gained within the revolutionary action of the working class of the world.



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Workers, Women, Youth And Poor Thirsty For Justice!

26 September 2019

26/09/2019 / FESK / Statement The fascist chief-regime managed to outpace all the previous fascist regimes regarding its hostility against the laboring and oppressed.