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Communist Women's Organization

Fighting For Revolution



“Women revolution means destroying the social basis making woman an oppressed gender with a revolutionary upheaval. Our party MLKP, who approaches the topic within this scope, puts forward its will to solve this problem of vital importance, which has been postponed to after revolution until today. Women revolution means break with reactionary, social roles. It is the uprising of women against all kind of secondariness deemed proper to women in the male dominant system. It is the systematic struggle against all thoughts and feelings pulling women back. It is the consciousness of us, the women walking towards the center of politics, trusting in our strength, interfering actively into life. It means action, touching life concretely. It means that we as women have a relation on a new level on politics, theory, leading, means of violence; things considered to be far away from women and we give them our own color. (…) As a woman member of the party, I want to state that MLKP is a women's party. The party approaches revolutionary struggle with the perspective of women revolution. Women revolution is the manifesto of liberation from the male dominant capitalist system. Our Party MLKP adopted the line of women revolution in its 4th Congress and with preparation and orientation in theory, politics, ideology and organizations in the woman liberation struggle, raised the communist women's movement to a certain level. With the KKÖ, whose foundation was announced on March 8, 2015 by the women of the party, they brought this level to a new organizational form. KKÖ will show an important will in the struggle against any kind of male dominant approach, style, mode and show a revolutionary practice in the struggle against the gender roles and the male dominant system. I am greeting our KKÖ from here.”1

These words taken from the first defense speech made in the courts of the fascist dictatorship in Turkey on behalf of the KKÖ in September 2015 summarize the idea of women revolution, which is the programme of the Communist Women's Organization of the MLKP.


Foundation of the KKÖ – All beginnings are difficult!

From January 3-7, 2015, the first Communist Women Conference of the MLKP was held. The Conference was “an important turning point in the history of the communist women's movement, the women revolution, for women becoming leaders and commanders and for the efforts to find the according specific way of the organizational, political and theoretical development.”2 The declaration of the Conference characterizes the most important characteristic of the conference will as follows: “As any revolutionary action, the conference did not come together under conditions it preferred but under given circumstances. The problems from which our party and the women's front suffered in the previous periods and some negative consequences also had an impact on the preparation period of the conference. Heavy results from the time when our party went through with a lack of center which hit the women's front twice and which also resulted in difficulties like a split development of the woman understanding and will, also were on the agenda of the conference. However, this situation did not keep it away from showing the will to fulfill its duty of a new leap! (…). This is the most important reality of the conference's will.”3

“The 4th Party Congress of the MLKP had pointed out the main features of the fundamental views, which are also principal for the decisions of the conference and the KKÖ today. Starting from that, the congress had indicated the need of a discussion about a new organizational model and taken a corresponding decision. Although the decisions of the 4th Party Congress basically led the woman comrades in the different fronts of struggle, to increase their levels of gender consciousness and their relations with the women's freedom struggle, the women's understanding and will, yet remained split among the different fronts under the conditions of that time. The fact of this split and fragmented situation of the understanding, which went up to “tunnel views”;  views limited to its own area, could not been overcome before the conference by means of carrying out an internal discussion, that there was no mutual interference beforehand, was a handicap of the conference. However, thanks to the active participation of woman comrades from all struggle fronts to the conference itself, uniting different experiences at different fronts and the interaction based on socialist democracy; a deepness in thoughts could be reached from which a common understanding came out. Maybe an even bigger disadvantage of the conference than the one mentioned before were the problems resulting from the period when they developed in the form of introversion; the accumulated distrust among the women comrades, in possible development of the potential of the women's freedom struggle, in the masses of women; the breaking of the will appearing here and there; the regression of the revolutionary cooperation among women and the feelings of woman comradeship and distrust in the understand of the party; lacking struggle concerning the topic and the questions of women's liberation struggle within the party organs, which all resulted more and more in decreasing will and hope to reach something in the women's freedom struggle.

There were different possibilities how to continue. The first option would have been to say “that happened to us due to our courageous steps”, deepen the decrease of will and distrust even more and take the return path! The second option would have been not to agree with the existence of these problems at all, repeat the ideal in words and just say something on the level of abstract understanding! The third possibility was to correctly define objective reality and act parting from this real situation, concentrating in advancing through changing this situation! As underlined also in the documents of the conference, the third option was elected; the conference decided approaching with revolutionary realism to crash the given reality with a revolutionary spirit of breakthrough and change it.”4
At this conference, the Communist Women's Organization (KKÖ) was founded by the communist women. The MLKP Woman leadership states that the foundation of the Communist Women's Organization is a new level the communist women have reached.