Let us remember the immortal children of our peoples wherever we are! Let us carry the call of the immortals to the working and oppressed millions!
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MLKP Central Committee / Statement / 8 November 2019

Workers, women, youth and the poor!

November is a month in which we commemorate our immortals, who have fallen into the earth like single seeds in the fight against fascism, colonialism, capitalism, the patriarchal system and imperialism, even more intensively, effectively and widespread than in other days. It is a month in which we ask ourselves and our action the most powerful questions in order to learn from the immortals and to draw strength, for the organization and the victory of the revolution; for the revolutionary power of the working class, which will lead humanity to a classless, gender-liberated society without borders and exploitation. That is why November is not the month of ceremonies, but the month of action. It is the month in which we sharpen our courage and our conviction. It is the month in which new goals are set.
Sisters and brothers!
The immortals believed in the people, they loved people. They stood by the side of the exploited, the oppressed, the poor, the denied, the despised and the victims of injustice. The pain and longing of the working class, the women, the laboring people in town and countryside, the Kurds, Alevis, the oppressed national communities, the children, the disabled, the elderly, those who are excluded from the right for education, health, housing and rest, had also become their pain and longing. The immortals have carried the honor and dignity of millions in their hearts. They have become the vanguard of the hope for millions.
They fought for the liberation of workers, women, the poor, the working and the oppressed.
They are the venerable, the grand, the dervishes and the torchbearers of the people.
Our immortals are our flags.
They are those, who we miss. They are shining rivers for us in difficult times.
They are our eyes. They show us the way as we walk arm in arm with them under the greatest danger.
They are the measure of the selflessness of our party and the revolution; they are the militants of the highest degree of sacrifice.
We report back to them in the month of November.
We tell them:
Comrades, this is my report of my relation to the revolutionary struggle, for which you gave your life, to advance it!
Comrades, this is my report of my attachment to the values, for which you have given everything to increase them!
Comrades, this is my report of my attachment to the duty to protect our party from attacks, the party which you have defended with your life!
Comrades, this is my report concerning my relation with our imprisoned comrades, veterans and families of martyrs, who never fail in keeping your memory with respect!
Our words must be simple and clear. Our words must be comrades.
And we will finish our reports by telling which shortcomings we want to overcome by next November, which weaknesses we want to overcome by then, on which topics we want to renew ourselves by then.
With this goal in mind, as we leave the meeting, we will anchor deep in our hearts a consciousness that will rest upon us the gaze of those fighters who face death with bold audacity.
Sisters and brothers!
The names of those who shed their blood for the liberation of the oppressed and exploited will continue to serve as a banner of honor and hope, and the struggle for their ideals will continue.
From Mustafa Suphi and Ethem Nejat to Deniz, Mahir and Ibrahim, from Paramaz, the socialist son of our Armenian people, to Hayrabet Honca and Nubar Ozanyan, from Vedat Demircioğlu and Taylan Özgür to Niyazi Yıldızhan and Kerim Yaman, from Salih Bozışık to Sevinç Özgüder, from Ümit Kaftancıoğlu to Asım Bezirci and Nesimi Çimen, from İlker Akman to Yüksel Eriş, from Recep Sarıaslan to Cuma Cihan, from Seyit Konuk to Ibrahim Ethem Coşkun, from Tamer Arda to Serpil Polat, from Cemalettin Yalçın to Ömer Yazgan, from Serap Macit Kolukırık to Talat Türkoğlu and Rıza Satılmış, from Aynur Sertbudak to Zeki Erginbay and Necdet Adalı, from Ertuğrul Karakaya to Necdet Erdoğan Bozkurt and Mine Bademci, from İsmail Gökhan Edge to Yusuf Metin and Kenan Bilgin, from Ümit Altıntaş to Hatice Yürekli, from Osman Yaşar Yoldaşcan and Fatih Öktilmiş to Lale Çolak, from Sibel Sürücü to Sinan Ateş, from Niyazi Aydın to Sabahat Karataş and Leyla Aracı, from Mehmet Demirdağ to Nergis Gülmez and Sefagül Kesgin, from Cafer Cangöz to Cüneyt Kahraman and Sevda Serinyel, from Ulaş Bayraktaroğlu to Yasin Aydın and Göze Altunöz, from Umut Özsepet to Fırat Çaplık to Özge Aydın, from Necla Baksi to Hüseyin Arslan, from Mazlum Doğan to Diyar Xerîb and Delal Amed, from İrfan Çelik and Adil Can to Hacer İpek Samancı and Cennet Değirmenci, from Baran Serhat to Hasan Ocak to Kutsiye Bozoklar and Yeliz Erbay; those who sacrificed their lives for a free, honorable and happy life of the laboring and the oppressed, for social justice, for freedom of the peoples and the women, will be forever alive. Their graves will never remain silent, the voices of the fallen will still be heard from these graves, and will continue to call and touch new generations of workers and the oppressed.
Workers, women, youth, artists, the poor, oppressed and ignored people!
The immortals were your children, your siblings and your comrades. They were your friends from the district, the factory, the school, the union and the association. They were the voice, the fist and the will of your yearning for social justice, a human and free life. They have become flames that strike against those who turn the world to hell.
Take part in the work of their commemoration. Organize commemorative events for the immortals in your homes and associations. Visit their families. Bring flowers to their graves. Give your children their names. Write poems for them. Produces melodies and songs. Read their writings, books and biographies. Hang up pictures of them at home. Write articles about the immortals you know for other people to know them. Talk to your comrades about photos and items you keep in memory.
Sisters and brothers, hold the immortals by the hands. Gain honor and happiness, become free by participating in their ongoing struggle and winning new workers, women and youth for the struggle. Mobilize your labor and sacrifice, your creativity and your courage to destroy fascism, colonialism, the patriarchal system and capitalism
The Martyrs of the Revolution are the guardians of our honor!
Our fight continues everywhere, comrades!
You are with us forever; we are with you forever!

November 8, 2019
Central Committee of MLKP