Let's spread the solidarity with Afrin resistance! Let’s carry the resistance to the Newroz sites!
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Workers, Women, Youth, Urban and Peasant Laborers, Intellectuals!


Not only the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan, the enemy of all the neighboring peoples, political islamist fascist dictator and his gang continue to add crime on their crimes. Knee-deep in the corruption, the exploitation, the injustice and the torture, he is trying to stand on the basis of the army, the police, the counter-guerrillas. In Afrin, where a genocidal and colonial warfare is carried out, he is committing serious crimes against all laboring humanity.

Turkey, Russia, Iran, Syria and the United States is a single front in Afrin. The EU is a supporter and accomplice to this front. This is the occupation front. It is the front of strangling the freedom of the peoples. It is the front of oppressing the Rojava revolution and regional revolutionary developments. It is the front to destroy women's freedom.

Kurd and Arab peoples, Turkmen, Circassian, Assyrian national communities, laborers and the poor from Sunni, Nusayri and Alevi religions, who all are raising the flag of freedom and honor in Afrin, are the single front. This is the front of equality, honor and people's freedom. It is the front of women's freedom. It is the front of defending the Rojava revolution. It is the front to strengthen and spread the regional revolutionary developments.

Sides are clear. No matter where in the world you are, you have no choice but to take part in one of the two fronts, to strengthen one of the two fronts, and to fight for one of the two fronts to win. In this concrete case, everything else is a lie, deceitful, two-faced. History records the truth. Future generations will read it like that.


All the Oppressed, the Poor, the Laborers suffering from Deprivation of Freedom!


Even though the invading colonial Turkish bourgeois army had a huge technical advantage ranging from bombardment jets and land bomber vehicles, with all kinds of armored vehicles and weaponry, hundreds of thousands of soldiers and officers, unlimited weapons and ammunition, it could not break the Arin resistance for two months.

Our Party is in the resistance of Afrin from the very first moment, with the both  internationalist and Kurdistanian identity. We are in the united war trenches where the flag of honor and freedom is raised against the occupation of the fascist colonialist Turkish bourgeois state. The revolutionary memory of all our immortals in Rojava and South Syrian, in the name of Suphi Nejat, Sibel, Sinan, Ivana, Halil, Destan, is now standing in Afrin. The communist women, men and LGBTI guerrillas of Turkish, Kurdish, Arab peoples from Sunni, Alevi, Nusayri beliefs and internationalist comrades from various countries of the world are fighting with a strong sacrifice spirit in war posts.

In these clashes, our three comrades have fallen as martyrs to this day. Comrade Boran Özgür (Ruhat Aşkara) on January 27, Özgür Avaroni (Erdal Demirhan) and Zeynel Seyid Riza (Sedat Akyüz) comrades immortalized on 2 March. The war is stlil on. Their flags are in the hands of the brave Afrin people, the vanguard male and female warriors of Afrin resistance. Their flags are in the hands of the communists from all over the places. We will adhere to their memories by raising the struggle for their ideals, and we will be worthy of them. Likewise, we promise that we will answer the precious memory of Icelandic Comrade Haukur Hilmarsson, who immortalized on February 24th, in the ranks of the International Freedom Battalion by strengthening our internationalist practice.

Especially the workers and oppressed from Turkish, Kurdish and Arabic peoples, we call all the working class and the oppressed to spread, strengthen and diversify solidarity with the Afrin resistance and the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan to carry theAfrin resistance to the Newroz sites.


Long Live the Afrin Resistance!

We will uphold the spirit of sacrifice of comrades Erdal, Sedat and Ruhat!

Glory be to the international revolutionary fighters enlightening our path, glory be to Haukur Hilmarsson!

Bijî Newroz Bijî Azadi!

March 10, 2018


MLKP Central Committee