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The revolutionary struggle in Turkey and Kurdistan, is moving forward against the most blood-shedding enemies, from Turkish bourgeois state to fascist politic-islamist ISIS gangs. Thereby, raising the struggle for freedom and socialism needs to take up the heaviest prices. The most precious sons and daughters of our peoples falls to imprisonment and martyrdom in the political class warfare which is materialized in the clash between the revolutionary will and counter- revolutionary will.

Here, under the harshest circumstances of the struggle, with the words of the general secretary of the MLKP, Kerim Gökdeniz: "the facts that need to be focused which revolutionaries and our peoples must act with the consciousness by which they can beat the enemy despite all these inequivalent conditions, by doing the only thing they can do, depending on human creativity, human courage, humanistic and righteous ideals. It must be always kept in mind that you should not even once hide the fact that heavy prices will be paid in a practice carried out with such consciousness; on contrary, you should know that there is no advancing by any other ways, that there is no way reaching the revolution without giving martyrs, being tortured, getting imprisoned, knowing that there has never come up such a way up to now and there will not be such a way; and act with the clear consciousness of these."

Spirit of sacrifice is a characteristic feature of the existence of MLKP, and above all, it comes to life when thinking nothing of the imprisonment and the death, when unyielding resistance in torture and dungeons.

Devoting all of her existence to the victory of the revolution, the MLKP, realizes her action materialized as "the sacrifice troop of the revolution". The concept of "party of immortals", again with the words of the general secretary Kerim Gökdeniz: "... is symbolizing the reality that women and men from all ages, comrades who worked on various fronts of the party, are increasingly, faster and more intensely going over the death, confronting with the death. By that, the party told herself: you shall pay tens and hundreds of times more prices than you already did and by walking on such a line in accordance with revolutionary purposes, you shall organize the victory."

Immortal comrades, are the ever-burning torches of MLKP's revolutionary march whether at the fronts of Rojava or in Medya Defense Zones, in the mountains of Kurdistan, in the cities of Turkey or in European countries, in politic-military actions, in the move of dead fast, in the resistance to torture, on top of the barricades, within the mass movement, under police surrendering or under the attacks of ISIS. Comrades winging to immortality from all levels and all fronts of MLKP are the north stars laying the desired path ahead with their most modest and sincerest practices from her member of the central committee to her warrior in the International Freedom Battalion, from her commander of FESK to her militant of practical legitimate struggle front.

MLKP, has become the target of uncountable custody, torture and arrest attacks of the colonialist fascist state. Party militants dressed up with the revolutionary values under custody, torture, at the court and in dungeons. Some of them walked to immortality under torture interrogations, during the dungeon resistances and during dead fasts. And some of them became the ghazis of the revolution. Even, behaving like a resistant communist at the police, at the court and in dungeons, is considered among the definite responsibilities of party members in the statue of the MLKP.

MLKP, considers the dungeons as a school where communists strengthen their capacities, a revolutionary work field where they position themselves according to the needs of the struggle in the streets, a commune where they nourish the mode of communist life and sharing, a stronghold of the resistance where they never yield to the fascist cruelty. Furthermore, communist prisoners, are in the search of smashing the walls of dungeons, as can be seen in many attempts of liberation actions two of which became successful.

Hundreds of MLKP prisoners, became the organizers or participants of the revolutionary resistance actions such as barricades, occupancies, taking hostages. MLKP positioned in the middle of the barricade resistance together with other revolutionary organizations against the massacre attack of the fascist regime which it took up with a giant military force simultaneously in twenty separate dungeons on December 19 th, 2000. She was one of the architectures of the 19-22 December dungeon valor.

The dead fast clashes which are sacrifice actions in its essence held a very special place among the struggle experiences of MLKP. MLKP took place in both 1996 and 2000 dead fast clashes with her unique mode. She played an important role in battering the cell-isolation attack of fascism through successively putting forth the dead fast detachments from dungeons, opening trenches of dead fasts outside the dungeons in the streets, with the martyrs and ghazis from her ranks.

This understanding is cultivated into the thought and actions of MLKP well clearly: only those who leap forward with a spirit of sacrifice and by doing that, those who fulfill the vanguard responsibility deservedly can earn the leadership of laborers and the oppressed, can turn the resistance flame into the uprising fire of our people against the furious fascism. Only those who dress up with the spirit of sacrifice without limitations can become the builders of a struggle flowing uproariously to the victory for freedom, justice, equality to the peoples and genders.



Politic-military front of MLKP in Turkey and North Kurdistan was structured under the name of Armed Forces of the Poor and the Oppressed (FESK). The Red Detachments of FESK are waging an armed struggle in the cities of Turkey and Kurdistan and the Rural Unit of FESK are in the mountains of Kurdistan.

MLKP, uses all forms of struggle on condition of being suitable for the forces on hand and easing the progress of the struggle. Armed struggle in the lands of Turkey and Kurdistan, is a continuous and elemental form of revolutionary struggle of the working class and oppressed against the colonialist fascist dictatorship. It is righteous and legitimate, necessary and inevitable in terms of revolutionariness. What is more, the solution to the matter of the proletarian revolutionary power can only be achieved via armed coercion.

The victory of the unified revolution of Turkey and Kurdistan which will probably happen as a series of civil wars and spread over a long period, requires both preparing the total armed riot of people in the cities and implementing a partisan war in cities and rural. Without the armed struggle, maturing the subjective conditions of people's riot, debilitating the fascism and succeeding the growing of the revolutionary ranks stronger cannot be thought of. Armed struggle of MLKP is based on this strategic viewpoint. Her armed activity is tactically related to the objective contemporary aims like knocking down the obstacles in front of the revolutionary struggle, organizing the self-defense of the people, battering the fascist circles and supporting the mass movement.

Urban and rural guerrilla organizations of MLKP, always act in an armed struggle line that is defined by the tasks of political struggle, that serves for building a political front of the working class and oppressed against the colonialist fascist dictatorship, that arouses hope and trust in the masses to defeat fascism. Fascism's police stations, army forces, law institutions, state offices, party bureaus, paramilitary gangs, bourgeoisie's trading-financing establishments and touristic facilities, imperialism's embassy buildings and trading-financing centers became targets of countless revolutionary violence actions of FESK in this line.

Units of FESK keep daring to fascism, colonialism and imperialism with the strength and courage taken from their commanders and warrior comrades winging to immortality, with weapons in their hands and faith in their hearts.