'Dema Baranan' Documentary Ready For Screening
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The documentary "Dema Baranan", prepared by the Yapicilar Film Collective, was completed as a cross-section of the MLKP's revolutionary march of hope and victory.

The documentary, shot in Rojava and Media Defense Areas, tells the story of MLKP's 25-year history, as well as its perspective on revolutionary strategy and political-military struggle. The communists talk in front of the camera about Turkey-Kurdistan regional revolution and the Middle East regional revolution perspective.

In the documentary, where MLKP's struggle in Rojava, the free mountains and war experiences are also transferred, there are also interviews made on behalf of the Communist Women's Organization (KKÖ) and the Communist Youth Organization (KGÖ). Also many people from different social backgrounds and nationalities talk about the changes in their lifes, after they've met the communists.

The broadcast of the documentary, which was attributed to the MLKP MK member Baran Serhad, who was murdered on March 23, 2019, was postponed to a later date due to the Turkish state's invasion attack on Rojava.

The documentary also cites MLKP's war practice in the Rojava and Media Defense Areas, while communists who have fought against the gangs in Serêkaniyê, which had been occupied in the past months, are also sharing their experiences.

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