DKP-BÖG Guerrilla, Freedom Warrior, Comrade Mehmet Ali Kasırga is Immortal!
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As the result of the comprehensive attacks of the fascist Turkish state carrying out with all kinds of techniques and using military personnel against our forefront walking to crush the fascist blockade surrounding the peoples of Turkey and North Kurdistan, the guerrilla who lay down their lives, who are the foot soldiers of the struggle, Comrade Mehmet Ali has been immortalized. Comrade Mehmet Ali was in the same unit with Atakan Mahir, who we had lost in the clashes in Dersim-Pülümür on August 11. They immortalized by demonstrating great resistance in the face of intense attacks of the enemy. Once again, in the name of comrade Mehmet Ali, we salute the Dersim-Pülümür martyrs, we express our condolences to the staff and members of the DKP, a component of our movement, to the brave militants of the BÖG, to their supporters and to the family.

As a member of the Circassian nationality, comrade Mehmet Ali who has been in revolutionary struggle since very early ages and who has walked in the forefront of every task that the revolutionary struggle needs in every field, from the youth struggle to the struggle of the working class to the guerrilla struggle, actively involved in the founding of the BÖG. Fighting at many fronts in Rojava and taking place in the struggle against ISIS gangs, comrade Mehmet Ali, become an example for us as a component of the HBDH Joint Command having the perspective of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan revolution and showing the determination in the struggle as he was heading to Turkey and Northern Kurdistan.

Intensive and extensive attacks against our guerrilla forces are not for no reason. The fondness to freedom, the belief to the revolution, deep love and commitment to the peoples and the trust and hope that is created in the heart of our peoples by the life-sacrificing struggle, of our guerrilla who are the unyielding foot soldiers of the freedom and liberation struggle of our peoples, give fear to the fascism.

The most radical response to the fascism which surrounds the whole society, which can not tolerate even trying to search for the sons and daughters of the relatives of the missing, and even so recklessly attack the elderly mothers, is given by the HBDH warriors, and this drives the fascism crazy.

Today, society is under fierce oppression and aggression, can not speak, can not act, can not breathe, can not express longing for freedom. And so, just today, the language of freedom becomes guerrilla and is in the state of guerrilla. This "language" is contagious and thus, fascism does everything it can to prevent this "language" from infecting the peoples. All the attacks are for that. But in vain.

No repressive rule of government and state, no matter what its name, can not escape the overwhelming hatred of the peoples, will not be saved, can not be saved.

All the supporters and militants of our United Revolution Movement should become in the mind state of guerrilla in every field with the consciousness of asking the account from fascism; carry the language of freedom which Atakan Mahir, Mehmet Ali Kasırga and other comrades who were immortalized in Dersim-Pülümür on August 11, have been using; and embrace every task whether small or big and lead them. This is what our people expect from us.
It is our duty to continue to be a fearful dream for fascism and grow this fear. Comrade Mehmet Ali dedicated himself in the fight with this consciousness and was filled with determination. His life and struggle must be an example to us.

Comrade Mehmet Ali is Immortal!
Atakan Mahir and the Pülümür Martyrs are Immortal!
Fascism will be defeated, Our People will Win!

HBDH Joint Command