Özkan Tekin
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Özkan Tekin
1979 - 10 December 2000

Coming from the working class and as a 21 years old young communist who was fulfilling his duties, comrade Ozkan Tekin became a sober star of the generation of struggle due to his love for comradeship.
On December 10, 2000 at 3am during a period of heavy attacks with the f type isolation cells, he faced a murdering and executing attack by the state when he was writing slogans on walls together with his comrades for Ahmet Metin Koyuncu at Okmeydani, Istanbul, who fell on November 22 in order to fight off the attacks with the isolation cells and by sacrificing his body against the isolation cells. Our comrade led a militant struggle against fascism and became a martyr by sacrificing himself for his comrades. Comrade Ozkan was murdered by the armed forces of the fascist state through an extra-judicial killing. Based on the decision of the CC, our party decided on him to become an honoured member of the MLCP.
As a proletarian, comrade Ozkan considered the decisions the calls of the vanguard party of the working class as a guide. After every action it was him leaving the place as the last person. By that, he ensured the safety of his comrades and the comrades could leave the place of the action in a safe way. He considered this inner disciplinary as very important. Comrade Ozkan said that the attacks on Ulucanlar, Burdur and Bergama were the signs for even bigger massacres and that the state was testing the revolutionaries and because of this reason, he suggested to realise bigger and stronger actions. Comrade Ozkan was not among us when the massacre on December 19 happened, but he was among those who had foreseen it.
Comrade Ozkan was the student of Suleyman Yeter, who came from the middle of the working class' heart and was their communist leader, of comrade Ali Haydar Gocen, the commander of the Red Squad who had been killed in an armed clash and of comrade Zeynel Yesil, who was his uncle. He did a lot of things in his short life of whom three years were a communist life.
Hey sober child, we will be reaching your desiration, this big randezvouz at a bloody dawn in blood and under fire.
None disingenuousness and none traiting ambush have remained without demanding an account and won't remain so.

We haven't forgotten you and we won't forget you.