Abuzer Çat
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Abuzer Çat
1968 -26 September 1996

Abuzer Cat, who was born in Malatya's Hacova village in year 1968, was the son of a labourer family. He finished under difficult conditions his immediate education. Comrade Abuzer Cat, who studied psychology in Hacettepe University and graduated it, was also gradually becoming more active in the struggle during those years.
He was arrested and subjected to heavy torture in 15 October 1995, and was released after the arrestment. However, the 6 March 1996 arrest was the beginning of a long imprisonment period for him.
On 21 March, he was sent to the Ulucanlar prison. In the death fast resistance of 1996, he was one of the death fast volunteers. For realizing the F-type prison, the Turkish state had already determined which prisoner should be killed during 26 September attack to the Ulucanlar prison. That it was known who should be killed. 10 revolutionary prisoners were brutally killed in the attack, which was started in the prison cells and continued in the bathroom of the prison.
Comrade Abuzer, who died in this massacre, was a prototype for every revolutionary person because of his revolutionary discipline and fast developing process in the prison life. Through a Central Committee decision, Party approved Comrade Abuzer Cat as the MLCP Honour Member, who represented our party in the battle of Ulucanlar prison, the simple soldier, who dedicated himself to the struggle for socialism and who waved the flag of communism on the highs.
Comrade Abuzer was an example for organising the daily life with his discipline and will. The most problematic things would go well with him. In his conversation with people as well as in discussing with his comrades, Abuzer would always take the feature of the person whom he was dealing and arrange his speeches in accordance with it. He would try to understand the person whom he deals with and use his whole knowledge and ability to solve together the problem of the person. Whatever is the matter, it would lose its meaning at him, and the problems would melt in his speech and approach to the events.
Comrade Abuzer was one of our comrades who knew how to interpret the life in view of dialectic materialism and to theorise it within the life. He believed that the humane approach of events could eliminate the whole contrasts of life, and he therefore tried to put this into practice. He was a militant able to understand the life in critical manner, who knew what to teach to whom and what to learn from whom, and this was the way how he positioned himself in the struggle. He believed that one should be ready in life for every thing, he did not deny anything what was humane and, in life, he positioned himself in accordance with this. He, therefore, was prepared for everything. He was a comrade who, like all of us, fulfilled the condition of human being, chose to be revolutionary and communist and to fight for it. Being a simple soldier of the army of revolution was the greatest source of honour and happiness.
The struggle is carrying on without stopping, and those who we have lost are joining the caravan of immortals. This is why we are embracing more the party and our comrades by thinking the needs of the revolution, because the heroism of comrade Abuzer is enlightening our way like a star.