Aynur Karaman
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Aynur Karaman
29 January 1980 - 17 August 1999

Aynur Karaman was born on 29th January 1980. She became acquainted with the Communist Youth Organisation ( KGO ) when she was studying at high school. As a young communist who learned very quickly, was open for sacrifices and was modest, she continued with her revolutionary struggle in the ranks of the MLCP / KGO until she lost her life in the Marmara earthquake of 17th August 1999 which killed 30,000 labourers. The bourgeois state and its government watched this catastrophe silently and being incapable for which capitalism was the reason. 10,000s of labourers who remained under the rubbles had to face death. Although it was proved with reports of thousands of thousands pages that the region is prone to earthquakes, the state didn't take any precautions, and didn't even care about the minimum demands of 100,000s of labourers who lost their houses and families in the earthquake and who became disabled.
We call Marmara earthquake to our mind as a proof for the bourgeois state and system that can't give anything else to the worker and labourers apart from catastrophes, death and destruction, and it took our comrade Aynur from us at the early age of 19 when she was walking with the party to socialism. Our comrade will live in our struggle.