Erkut Direkci
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Erkut Direkci
16 January 1973 - 12 December 19 97

Erkut Direkci was born on 26 January 1973 in Ankara. He became acquainted with the revolutionary struggle and socialism in 1989.
Always smiling, revolutionary optimism and the characteristics of easily establishing relations with people, Erkut was an outstanding young communist. Another important characteristic was his versatileness, he was interested in many areas of life, from literature to science, and he was productive. With this characteristic, he was a revolutionary to be taken as role model for the youth masses that want to be made monotone.
Erkut became outstanding through his obstinacy in the revolution and revolutionary life. During the period without relation to the party and which he named as "months of misery" he carried out the work like a party himself.
He knew how to deal with different part of life in a revolutionary way. It was him who organised revolutionary opposition within the Six Dots Association for the Blind. When studying at the Faculty of Law at Ankara University, Erkut drew attention on himself with his characteristic of leading the student movement.
Comrade Erkut was arrested in a rally of the union Turk-Is in 1995. After being badly tortured for 15 days and not giving up, he was sent to prison.
During the period of the death fast in 1996, Erkut git cancer when he was joining the unlimited hunger strike. Although he was severely ill, he wasn't released and therefore, medical treatment denied. When being released, his illness had advanced. Erkut went abroad to receive medical treatment, and there continued with his struggle. The resistance he showed against his illness even astounded the doctors.
Comrade Erkut became immortal on 12 December 1997 in Europe where he was receiving medical treatment.