Özgür Evrim Göçen
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Özgür Evrim Göçen
15 April 1976-2 May 1995

Ozgur Evrim Gocen was born on 15th April 1976 in Adiyaman. He was the child of a Kurdish, Alevi and labourer family. He became acquainted with the revolutionary struggle when he was 16.
After he became acquainted with the revolutionary struggle, comrade Ozgur took his decisions in favour of the needs of the revolution and socialism. He chose ODTU at which he started to study in 1993 as an important base of the youth struggle to wave the flag of the Communist Youth Organisation.
With his initiative, his collective influential stance and his talents to be a leader Ozgur was an example and became the leader of the important movement that was developing at ODTU. Ozgur was among those organising the protests against Gorbachev with which he was welcomed at the university. These words summarised his short life. "Those facing pain for a clear heaven/ Must hide the pain like a weapon in their hearts/ The revolution is either in your soul or nowhere".
He was killed on 2nd March 1995 by the gendarmerie who touted the murder like an accident. The 1st Congress of the Communist Youth Organisation, Sengul Boran and Ozgur Evrim Gocen were announced as communist cadre prototypes.