Ali Karahan
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 Ali Karahan
1965 -9 April 1995

Ali Karahan, worker of the party, solicitor of the revolutionaries and the patriots, a militant supporter of the law front, who was an example with his modest and revolutionary life and brought up with the proletarian culture, joined the struggle quietly, but formed a high voice with the way he performed and with his power to develop.  That is why comrade Ali has left deep and permanent effects on revolutionary and patriot labourers in every city he worked.

Ali spent his young years in the epoch of the 12th September military coup.  He showed an attitude opposite to the conditions of reactionary and liquidation.  Although his generation was unlucky and was facing a loss, he did not surrender his knowledge and brain to fascism.  His sensitive and dynamic knowledge directed him to read, understand and form a higher intellectual quality.  The time he was studying at Ankara law faculty was the time the struggle revivified.  Since than comrade Ali decided on which front he would be giving revolutionary struggle: he shall become the solicitor of revolution and the struggle.  Since that time, he prepared to bring the bourgeoisie law field, which was being used against revolutionaries and the patriots, to defence of the revolution.  During this period, when the characteristics of the bourgeoisie state were being analyzed, he prepared theses on "Constitutions", "Defence in Political Cases" and "Defence Techniques in Penalty Codes" and made them the agendas of public meetings.  Through his activities of that period he broke off consciously and in practice from the opportunities offered to him by the system and the petty bourgeoisie intellectual longings.  He was now the lawyer of the revolution.

Comrade Ali’s struggle, which started in Ankara and continued with full strength in Kurdistan exactly matched the characteristics of a lawyer of revolution.  He combined his previous academic and political background with the needs of the struggle and became such a qualified law expert that the halls of DGM (State Security Courts) became too small for the fascist laws, which began suffocating under the pressure of his expertise and abilities.  He was the one who fought with all his power after every attack under the heavy conditions of Kurdistan against the police and the prosecutors; he was the one who fought to claim from the state bodies of the revolutionary martyrs after every massacre.  He protected the revolutionary values in every part of life, in prisons, under torture and had a deep love for others who protected these values.  The scientific belief in revolution and the romanticism of feeling it in practice form the entire personality of comrade Ali.

Comrade Ali was martyred on the 9th of April 1995 as result of a heart attack while he was trying to take one of his comrades from the hands of fascism while resisting detention.  Comrade Ali showed us how to be a party militant in the law field. Comrade Ali was full of the characteristics of natural mass leader.  He put all his skills and grace into the needs of the party, working class and labouring masses.  Comrade Ali's life should be viewed as a guide, since he was always in front of the masses, but never far from them, as an intellectual communist.

And we are still looking up to him, and whenever we look, we see the sparks of new virtue and new achievements.  Comrade Ali who carried the legitimacy of his comrades' and revolutionaries' struggle to the courts of fascism through combining the fight in the sphere of law with the struggle for revolution, will continue to live on as the lawyer of revolution within the hearts of every party member and supporter.