Hasan Albayrak
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 Hasan Albayrak
1978 -1 May 1996

Hasan Albayrak was a very young party militant when he was killed on the 1st of May in 1996. The Unity Revolution had formed his nature: the principle “everything is for revolution” directed him to do the task that he put onto his shoulders. He carried the excitement of unity to his friends, his family and the leather workers in Tuzla. He was everywhere where party was. All the works of the party were his. He was one of the hundreds of party militants who joined in the party with the revolutionary soul of the 1995, and acknowledged the party as hope and future. His features of a labourer developed when he became a worker of the party.

May 1st, 1996 was a judgement day for some and was surrounding Kadikoy, the central part of Istanbul, from one street to another. The police barricades, panzer sirens, truncheons and shields were helpless. Revolutionary 1st of May would continue to remain revolutionary. The bodies, which had been shields to panzers and bullets on the 1st of May 1977, became hundreds thousands and were still there against those who tried to choke the revolutionary surge of 1996.

The psychological terror of the police preceded the event and the precautions in the area ensured the police command were in the forefront of the storm that would soon be. Those who would die fought to the death, with class hatred. The police said the "illegal" organisations could not enter the area. But neither death nor bullet… The only fact, the only historical mission: the placard will be taken to the area. The police shot the first group that wanted to enter the area. Another Hasan of ours lost his life. There was the placard of his party in his hand, which he swore to take to the area at any cost. While his blood was still hot his comrades covered him with another placard. There was a peaceful smile on his face. The brilliant sun of May was shining in his face. The brightness and the peace were on his face because of his pride of fulfilling the historic mission. He didn't see the storm and the war that would come soon, but he once again made the 1st of May red with his blood.

With his life and death Hasan materialised the meaning of being an ordinary militant. His modest life ended with death, which was militant and had a historic value. That was a death, which coincided with the truth of revolution and the simplicity of war.

We wrote into history the names of comrade Hasan Albayrak and his two companions who died with him in the battle. We commemorate the 1st of May 1996 with their names. The life and the struggle of comrade Hasan, like all our martyrs', is a message to the ones who will carry the flag after him. Discovering this message again and again in every aspect of the struggle is a binding task of the living.