Şengül Boran
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 Sengul Boran

23 April 1974 - 3 April 1995

Comrade Sengul was born on the 23rd of April 1974 in Malatya-Akcadag.  This brave Kurdish girl became acquainted with the revolutionary and socialist struggle at the early age of 14.

She undertook her first serious responsibility of organising work in Ceyhan, a district of Adana.  With the results of her university entrance exams she won a place in a faculty in Adana.  She went to Adana after it was specified by her comrades that there was a requirement for her to go to this town. In short time she was standing out through her work in the district.  In every step that was taken in Ceyhan, she had a defining part.  After a while she was requested to leave school and carry out the work in Adana.  She did not hesitate.  Reasons, such as school or family, were never an obstacle for her to perform her duties without hesitance.  She held the cause's requirements above everything else.  She knew how to define her emotions to fit the requirements of the struggle.  Complaining, moaning, hopelessness and being self withdrawn were strange characteristics to her.  She came forward one step through her militancy, not being able to fit into a certain mould, not recognising obstacles, her dynamism to overcome status quo and her extraordinary sensitivity.

Her comrades in Adana gave her nickname Dilek.  Intense police pursuit never ruined her morality.  When doors were shut in the faces of labourers and sympathizers, she knew how to accept this with maturity.  Impossibilities did not break her determination.  Comrade Sengul quickly gained respect and was received with affection by the labourers whose houses she went to and sheltered in.  People listened to whatever she had to say.

When she was in the hands of the enemy, after a militant operation, she defeated the torturers in their own lair, she refused to give a statement and during her captivity days she continued to act with the same ease and self-confidence.

As the police attacks reached their extreme in Adana the first and second level directors with some of their comrades were forced to leave the city for a period of time, after being brought out into the open by a group who were used as spies.  This organizational measure was lifted after a period.  Comrade Sengul once again was given the duty of carrying out the work in Adana. Regardless of all the disadvantages, being wanted by the police, the relationship network in the region being almost in ruins and other obstacles she ran to perform her duty without hesitation.  At the age of 19 she took the responsibility of becoming a member of Adana provincial committee.

She continuously thought about her insufficiencies.  Comrade Sengul greatly valued educating herself and learning from criticism.  She was never scared to perform serious duties when the struggle required her to do so.  She was one of the enthusiastic labourers of the Unity Revolution. In the platforms she took part in, she came across as a figure who believed in the duty of communist unity.

In the six months of her carrying the responsibilities of the Istanbul provincial secretary for the KGO (Communist Youth Organisation), with her never tiring personality, enthusiasm, determination to always move forward, her will and effort at regeneration, her sincerity, her self-sacrifice, her warmth as a comrade and the strength of her morality, she added a lot to the activities and the work.  She led a determined and irreconcilable struggle in the protection of revolutionaries in the organisational atmosphere, in the formation of tight bonds between comrades and in the wake of creating an adequate framework prototype to fit the targets set by MLKP-K (Marxist Leninist Communist Party-Foundation).  With her sensitivity as a comrade she set an example on the use of critical revolutionary commands.  Whilst bringing the party's and KGO's decisions to existence and ensuring the merger of comrades during the unity period, she has displayed high level of will power and diligence.

Comrade Sengul was fostering great confidence in the party's future and was getting herself ready for new duties.  However, in the military training camp she went to, in preparation to contribute more to the struggle she was leading in the line of fire, as a result of a bomb exploding in her hand, she joined the eternal members of the struggle at the early age of 21.

KGO, in 1997, in its 1st Congress announced her and comrade Ozgur Evrim model revolutionaries.

As she walked towards immortality, with her revolutionary romanticism and sacrificing personality, for the supporters of MLKP and KGO, she became an oath to struggle.