Ali Haydar Gocer
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 Ali Haydar Gocer
1971 – 7 August 1996

Comrade Ali Haydar Gocer was born in 1971 in the Nazmiye district of Dersim.  He had five brothers.  When he was still young his family moved to Istanbul to educate their children.  Ali Haydar was going to school and working at the same time, he was working as a painter after school. Although he wanted to study, economic burdens have always followed his labouring family, and, therefore, he had to leave school from high school level one.
He was loved and respected in his community and factory by everyone for his mature and level attitude and his modest and pure life, his disciplined and hardworking personality.
He met with the revolutionary struggle during his work life.
Comrade Ali Haydar was a founding member of the MLCP and the commander of the Red Detachment.
He was a dedicated revolutionary; he was a comrade who carried the highest sense of responsibility in the growth and power of our party in order for it to play its historical role.
He gave the best examples of a fighter at all the attacks of the Red Detachment against the enemy by always being in the front lines.  Comrade Ali Haydar was at every attack of the Red Detachment, at suburb barricades and at resistances.  He was an exemplary member of the party with his discipline and militant acts.
At the time when he became a martyr, he gave the most prominent example of the sacrificial spirit, always fighting in the front lines and engaging in militant acts.
On the 7th of August 1996, the Red Detachment unit, of which he was a Commander, fell into a police ambush in the Mahmutbey Bahcelievler district of Istanbul.  Comrade Ali Haydar who ordered his comrades retreat, fell captive, wounded at the conflict.  On the 8th of August, although his doctors told his family and comrades that his situation was good, the torturers, who wanted to take the revenge of a police officer that was wounded at the same conflict and died later, obstructed his treatment and murdered him by torture while he was wounded.
He was loved by everyone in his community.  His friends said about him: "It was obvious that he would live as a revolutionary until his death".  Comrade Ali Haydar is lighting our way with his labourer’s bravery, modest and pure labourer’s life and by fighting at the very front lines as militant and creating a heroic epic.