Bayram Namaz
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Baran Serhat, the Vanguard Representative of the "Generation of Victories"
is Immortal!
We will Defeat the Fascist Chieftaincy Regime and Denialist Colonialism!


Comrade Bayram Namaz, nom de guerre Baran Serhat, has been assassinated on 23 March in Serêkaniyê - Rojava by a bomb placed in his car with the fascist dictator Erdogan's order, the organization of the Turkish Intelligence Service ( MIT ) and the counter-guerrilla.

Revolution and our party are now deprived of practical contributions of an unyielding militant who lived his life on the edge of the cliff such an ordinary way, of a competent organizer with a great founding will, a pacemaker vanguard with his sacrificing spirit and commitment, an assertive political fighter who does not give up big dreams, a strong representative of revolutionary comradeship and an ardent laborer of internationalism. It is impossible not to feel his absence. Nevertheless, our comrade's struggle, the values he holds high, his great revolutionary goals and the spirit of breakthrough that he has always kept his eyes on will continue to give power to the revolution, to our party and to his comrades. He will continue to be the source of power and inspiration, to lead our path as a red guide in the most difficult and impossible moments and conditions.


Our Sisters and Brothers!


One of the founding members of our party, comrade Bayram Namaz, embraced the world on February 20, 1970 in Patnos - Ağrı. He spent his childhood and youth in Van province. The denial and assimilation policies of colonialism and social inequalities conditioned him to incline towards being a revolutionary. His college years in Trakya and his period of working as a construction worker reinforced him on his way of revolutionariness. In those years, as the increasing influence of the Kurdish national revolutionary struggle was rising his patriotic feelings and thoughts, comrade Bayram started to step up for his political quests. He has always been adopting the idea of the necessity of armed struggle. He took his first step to be an organized revolutionary in Tekirdağ.

His name entered in the official records of the political police first time on May, 1990 after he was taken into custody in Çanakkale. About a year later, he was imprisoned after being caught in a temporary seized vehicle together with two of his comrades, while they were on the way for an expropriation action. After his years in prison, he directly ran for MLKP's "Unity Revolution". Since October 1995, he had many times been exposed to the attacks of detention. Following the detentions on October 1995, February 1997 and September 2006, he continued to produce his revolutionary work in prison for various times. Starting from 1990, comrade Baran had responded the tortures in all police interrogations by defeating them in their own lairs. He transformed the courtrooms into the trenches from which he interrogated fascism, denialist colonialism and capitalism and shouted out his revolutionary ideals.

In all these periods of struggle, comrade Baran came to the fore as one of the vanguard representatives of the "Generation of Victories" that our Unity Revolution aimed to create. He was a strong militant of the party line and party style. He ran wherever the revolution called for. He didn't make any differantion of duty or work. He added his spirit into all his duties; kept on strengthening his "collective active individual" character on and on. In a quarter century of time period, apart from his other duties, he undertook different responsibilities of our party in various periods, including the Membership of Istanbul Province Committee, the Secretariat of Adana Province Committee, the Secretariat of Istanbul Province Committee, the Secretariat of Northern Kurdistan Organization, the Representativeness of Rojava Organization, the Membership of Kurdistan Organization, the Membership of Central Committee and the Membership of Executive Council of the Central Committee. He carried out all of his duties with a great desire, determination, sedateness and militancy. No matter what it was, a new duty, a new responsibility had always been an order, opportunity and a debt for him to enhance the revolutionary struggle. In every field, he mobilized his wisdom, experience and talent with all his strength. He worked with a perspective and spirit to create and get a revolutionary possibility from everything. He brought richness and pace to the activities with his creative initiative and vanguard will.
Comrade Baran was the leader of our party in practicing and deepening its character of Kurdistanian and socialist patriotism. As the "Kawa" of Northern Kurdistan, the "Baran" of Rojava, he put forth an unlimited effort and labor. His determination did not diminish for a moment against tough obstacles that seems insuperable. In order to move forward, either he found a path or succeeded to open a path.

As one of the vanguards of our party‘s understanding and action towards a united revolutionary struggle, frontbuilding and united revolutionary leadership, he gave effort for the foundation of the International Freedom Battalion (IFB). He was one of the pioneers of the foundation process of People's United Revolutionary Movement (HBDH). He has been in a continuous effort and revolutionary insistence for the success of HBDH, as well as for enhancing our party's devotion and effectiveness to achieve this success.


Our Sisters and Brothers!


Comrade Baran Serhat has never lost his revolutionary optimism but always produced a revolutionariness full of revolutionary romanticism. In the trial held on November 4, 2013 of the "8 September" case, of which he was kept in prison for 8 years, he responded the prosecutor and the indictment with an 18 page-long text that he read some parts in Kurdish and others in Turkish. In his speech in Kurdish, after emphasizing the division of Kurdistan into four parts, the denial and assimilation policies, as well as the national struggle of Kurdish people, he evaluated the situation in each parts and shouted out that "a Kurdish region is built in Rojava, in the Western Kurdistan. In this small part, a big gate is opening". He greeted those who were fighting and make sacrifices there in Rojava. Thus, nine months after these words full of hope, which were stated in a tough period that Rojava revolution was being kept under the threat of collaboration of Erdogan administration and ISIS, he was in charge of his revolutionary duties in Rojava on July 2014.

Comrade Baran Serhat carried out the leadership of our party‘s struggle in Rojava. He mobilized all his strength and talent for the sake of defeating ISIS, stopping the tendency of immigration, defending Rojava revolution, organizing peoples to embrace the revolution and its institutions, as well as for the fraternal and democratic unity of the peoples of Rojava. He carried out a range of ardent works such as the foundation of our party's battalions and the establishment of mass work organizations. As a commander with executive responsibilities, he gave effort to develop ideological, political and military qualities of our guerrillas and guerrilla candidates. He had trained and raised many commanders. His footsteps shine not only all across Rojava but also in Shengal as well.

In all these though periods, Comrade Baran, as one of the leaders of our party, continued to give his mental labor for the development of the communist vanguard. With his opinions, suggestions and criticisms at the Central Committee meetings and other processes, he presented his energy for putting our party's decisions into practice in a strong, competent and creative manner, producing true solutions to new problems and developing our party's claim and horizon.


Our Sisters and Brothers!


It is clear that the fascist political-islamist chief Erdoğan and his regime of the fascist decapitators are aiming at taking revenge on our comrade and our party by murdering Baran Serhat, depriving the united struggle of a strong mind and action of leadership. At the same time, through this assassination, these vile enemies of the peoples of Turkey, Kurdistan and the region are hoping to debilitate our party's will of struggle, weaken our revolutionary claims and break our determination for being the bridge of the united revolution of Turkey and Kurdistan and our orientation for the regional revolution.
But, that is in vain! As the sacrifice troop of the emancipation of the working class and the oppressed, of our peoples' freedom and equality, our party will continue its fight in the cities and in the mountains with a greater determination and will not deviate even an inch from the line of asking for the account of the spilled blood of revolutionaries and our peoples. This is our word for comrade Baran Serhat and on behalf of him, for all our fallen comrades and revolutionary comrades. As much as a sacrifice troop, our party is also a seed plot of many Baran Serhats. This seed plot will always remain alive.
Our sorrow is strong. But our enemies should know that our rage is stronger than our sorrow.


We will raise the revolution!

Central Committee