MLKP Commander Ahmet Şoreş: Comrade Baran was a Kurdistanian Communist in Every Aspect
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It was declared that your party's Rojava representative Baran Serhat was murdered by Turkish state and its collaborative gangs. What was the purpose of this massacre in your opinion? Can you elaborate why Baran Serhat was purposefully chosen as a target?

I want to begin my words by commemorating Comrade Baran and stating my commitment to his ideals.

To give a meaning and to understand the reason of this massacre, one needs both to learn and know the communist personality of Comrade Baran and to analyze the political period that we are passing through. Maybe I can't tell all of these detailedly in this interview, but I try to remark some main aspects.

Comrade Baran was a leading cadre who both accumulated at himself a lot of quality and feature which a communist party line requires, and owned capabilities of a communist leader of masses. It is possible to see what kind of a role he played at organizing and developing a communist party in the statements of MLKP Central Committee and MLKP Kurdistan. Comrade Baran Serhat was a rare comrade who can pull people to himself with his jubilant enthusiasm, his organized revolutionary stance and his passionate belief to the victory. Leaving aside for a moment his working fields in Turkey and North Kurdistan, anyone who knew Comrade Baran, who had a chance to know him, who carried out works with him, any revolutionary person or party in relation with him; Kurdish, Arabic and Assyrian women, men and children, could see a great passion for freedom, love for human, nature and his comrades in him. We have seen and lived this once again in the words, eyes and anger of every person who came to his commemoration to show their commitment and respect to him.

That is why it is quite understandable that those who don't want communist ideas and a communist organization to spread and root in Rojava revolution and among North Syrian peoples, targeted Comrade Baran Serhat. We were not surprised. It wasn't something unexpected.

We know those who murdered Comrade Baran. We know them from the dirty vile war they waged against Rojava and North Syria revolution. Revolutionary forces of Rojava and North Syria caused the enemy to suffer heavy defeats in the war they have fought for seven years hand to hand. Revolutionary forces took away the last pieces of land where they built a barbaric system. Their last foothold fell on 21 March Newroz Day in Baxoz. They were defeated. They surrendered. This was also the defeat of the Rojava policy of Turkish state and its footman gangs. This defeat of ISIS and palace fascism points out the beginning of a new period for Rojava and North Syria revolution and for peoples of Middle East. Political possibilities to advance the revolution further have incrased. This holds an important part why cornered Turkish state and its gangs attacked the leading cadres of united revolution. In the morning of the day when the defeat of ISIS would be announced, this vile assassin was carried out as a revenge attack, and apart from that, it should also be evaluated as the new process targeting the leading cadres.

It is being emphasized that this massacre targeted the united revolution line. However, what we understand from what is said and written, is that Baran Serhat is also one of the constructors of the line of socialist patriotism. Looking from this aspect, can we perceive that this massacre is at the same time towards the development line, political stance and the bonding of communist movement with Kurdistan revolution?

Of course, we can, we should. Those ho carried out this attack are the ones who live in fear of the reality of Kurdistan, which is the vanguard wing of united revolution of peoples. Palace fascism and the gangs which it is in collaboration with, wanted to prevent and block the development of united revolution which started as Rojava revolution and expanded as North Syria revolution, yet they failed. They couldn't prevent the Rojava and North Syria revolution from becoming the united revolution of Kurdish, Arabic, Assyrian, Armenian, Turkmen, Circassian peoples. The revolution ended the conflicts between different nationalities and religions.

That is why murdering Comrade Baran tends to prevent the Rojava revolution, which is also a Kurdish revolution, from being a strong basis for other parts of Kurdistan. Because the line Comrade Baran led, meaning the socialist patriotic line, aims at organizing in Rojava on the one side, and uniting with other parts of Kurdistan on the other. Rojava revolution opened a path for itself by heading towards a Syrian revolution. It draws attention with this feature. Comrade Baran, as a leading cadre of the socialist patriotic line, was concentrating on the political and organizational requirements of organizing the revolution of North Kurdistan and Turkey both separately and as a united revolution.

Comrade, was leading cadre who has the consciousness and claim to meet this revolutionary base with socialism, to unite it with other parts of Kurdistan and crown it with Turkey revolution. He was, in every aspect, a Kurdistanian communist. He was a comrade who has never hesitated to put forth all of his self-being for the sake of liberation of a colonized nation and an exploited people.

Recently, one of the vanguard cadres of the Kurdish liberation movement, Zeki Şengali was also targeted and murdered in a similar special way. Plus, informations about various attempts to kidnap or assassinate other revolutionaries and leading cadres were also presented in the press. In that sense, can we consider the assassination of Baran Serhat as a sign of a new aggression concept?

For like about five years, the colonialist Turkish state and the Palace fascism has undertaken to liquidate the communist and revolutionary patriotic movement as a prior duty for the sake of its own power. And in every occasion, it kept on stating that they will do everything needed to succeed in this mission. The mass massacres and assassinations of the leading cadres were the basic forms of this liquidation policy that have been came to the fore so far. So, we are talking about an ongoing concept which has already been putin practice for a while. Now, by diversifying the methods and expanding the targets, they are making this concept much more active than before. Thus, such vile attacks must be taken into account as an expected reality for the future.

From the statements on his martyrdom, we understand that Baran Serhat has established a multi-dimensional relationship with the Rojava revolution. It is stated that he played his role in various extends such as the foundation of the Internationalist forces, organization of united movement, social construction or the training of each fighters. These remarks about him portrait a total leadership profile. Can you tell us concrete examples about his ideological, political and organizational leadership qualities?

Comrade Baran has always hold it as an actual question for himself that Rojava revolution should establish a deep and strong relationship with the people and vice versa. One of the main features of comrade Baran was not to be satisfied only with seeing or defining a problem. His manner of action has always followed the perspective of "if there is a problem, then there is also a solution for it." And he was always saying "if we are the communist revolutionaries, then we cannot leave anything without a solution." He has never endured spontaneity and uncertanity. This was the way of comrade Baran's thinking, living and working. He was giving all his efforts to enhance the solutions for the problems of Rojava revolution.

As a concrete example, we can tell about his role in organizing various campaigns and political activities during the initial years of the revolution for the sake of strengthening peoples', especially the youth's claim to the revolution, aiming to develop their political and ideological consciousness.

Again, as another example, right after the autonomous cantonal administrations had organized themselves under a federational system, he has been actively involved in the works aiming to make the peoples of Rojava embrace the federation structure and get organized within the communes.

Even though the consciousness of the masses in terms of claiming or participating the revolution, of seeing the revolution as their own revolution was growing day by day, the consciousness and decisions of the revolution on the women liberation field was not being materialized in a desired pace and level among men. The works carried out under the slogan "Let's bring the revolution inside homes", which evaluated this issue as a question of the political activity, can be given as another example of comrade Baran's within this context.

He has always been stating that in order to secure the defense and establishment of the North Syria revolution, the political link of the revolution established with the Arab people must be brought to an organizational and ideological level. On this basis, he was focusing on the ways and methods to build strong links with the Arab people, to make them participate the defense and establishment of the revolution. In this regard, he has always been emphasizing that the destiny of the revolution depends on its capability to meet with the Arab people on a stronger basis.

These examples can present a sufficient picture to understand the deepness of comrade Baran's ideological, political and organizational leadership qualities.

What has been targeted on behalf of comrade Baran is actually an ideological line; a leadership stance of this line. That's why, those, who are afraid of this line to be rooted in the lands of revolution and to extend towards united revolutions, applied for such a vile method against our comrade.

As his comrades, we will keep him alive in every field of our lives. We will never let our enemy to rejoice their heart. We will continue to grow their fear. They will feel more fear from us more than before.

To conclude with his words, we, as his comrades, will continue to be both the "fire bearers" and the icebreakers".

We will be the winners! Our Revolution and Socialism struggle win!