Let's Rise The International Solidarity with Rojava Revolution
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We are re-living the periods in which the ghost of communism is walking around the planet earth. The ones who say "another world is possible and necessary" are flowing to the streets from all around. The aim of world revolution settles down at the center of the actual politics increasingly and gradually. Today any communist party which has not left the aim of world revolution cannot deny that the construction of the communist party is among the current and urgent duties of international communist movement. Accordingly the duty of constructing the new international for the leadership of world revolution still stands.

With this point of view we greet the 100. anniversary of Zimmerwald conference which plays crucial roles in constructing the way to the Third International and wish success with our comrade feelings.

With the stage of imperialist globalisation the corruption of Imperialist Capitalism offers nothing but wild exploitation, cruel wars and a shameful vanish to humanity. Conscientious and honorable humanity doesn't accept this oppression and winks to revolution and socialism with different levels of resistance and struggle in many places. The working class and laborers, oppressed nations and individuals around the world are resisting and rising against the imperialism and collaborator capitalism, racism and exploitation. The objective conditions of World Revolution are much more suitable than before. The matter here is to conclude these objective conditions with the glory of revolution by leaning them on a revolutionary program and strategy. Thus, increasing the struggle against the imperialist barbarism, organizing workers and laborers in revolutionary warrior parties stands as the primary duties of communists.

Today, the main problem of the international proletariat is the non-existence of strong communist parties in many countries which have the objective conditions of revolution. The existing ones on the other hand, are unable to create strong bounds with the working class and laborer movements which results in lack of leadership for the world revolution. The 100. anniversary of Zimmerwald Conference strongly reminds again us this urgent duty.

The possibility of revolution to happen in the weakest links of imperialist chain, is an approved Marxist view for communists. The current stage that the Imperialist Capitalism reached today, has created the possibility of the regional revolution.The same conditions ripens the objective conditions of revolutions to spread from one country to regions with being the waves of world revolution and increase the possibility for revolutions to trigger each other among many countries. Right at this moment, while the 100. anniversary activities are happening, a new revolution is shining brightly in Kurdistan's small part of Rojava and spreading hope and courage to the all oppressed around the world.

Today a new wind is blowing in the Middle East, where millions are slaughtered for the continuity of regressive power of the dollar rich sheik and has been pillaged by the Imperialist wars of petrol and sovereignty. The poor people of Rojava and their revolutionary leaders offers a strong alternative through real democracy and equality of people to this land of tear and blood.

Kurdish people whose existence were not recognized under a law, who could not be able to use any collective right, has reached their struggle of years against the colonial regime to the revolution. With the revolution happened in Rojava, the conservative power of Esad fell and colonial statute ended. It was a revolution which people and their armed forces has pioneered. A revolutionary democratic ruling has been established instead the fallen colonial Syrian regime. The form of ruling became a cantonal system based on the equality of people in which the Women Revolution has been guaranteed under law and practice. Apart from all, as being a women revolution with offering a unique experience to the world, the people of Rojava is constructing a miracle in this land of conservatism.

We remember our immortal martyrs who fought at the front for this revolution with respect. Rojava is re-confirmation of the thesis of Marxists that '' The way to build a new world through destroying the ruling capitalist imperialist system around the world, passes from the revolution itself. In other words, Rojava is the confirmation of the slogan '' Only way Revolution!''.

What is happening in Rojava is to underline the approach that the national revolutions' period has passed over is wrong and in concrete, a national based revolution can no longer reach victory in Kurdistan. By this way, Rojava Revolution became a statement in practice which shows that Marxist Theory did not lose anything from its contemporary importance. As communists; to see, live and be the subject of this, has given a huge reassurance and ideological power. We believe that

all people in the world and progressive powers have to take power from this.

It has been proved that, the most correct and revolutionary way to evaluate the conjuncture appeared in Middle East by the struggle of the oppressed people and the impact of the fight between imperialists and regressive region states, is nothing but the revolution. Rojava revolution was re-confirmation of the only way of making a revolution is to consider revolution focused, to be organized according to needs of this and to prepare the vehicles o this. With the same aspect, what is happening in Middle East shows the rightness of us to include our "regional revolutions and federations" politics in our program. It is just the reality that, what was seen as theoretical yesterday, now turned into today's action. Revolution doesnt wait, but is organized. What is going on is that much bare. Certainly, everything has not been completed in Rojava. We are in the process of a Revolution and we evaluate it as a strong walk towards socialism. for that reason we participate in the revolution and want to guarantee its victory. A change in all aspects insists itself in Middle East.

There is a case of managing and regional crisis. Consequently, we stand in the center of a stage of a regional revolution. We are just inside in a progress which creates the change through revolution.

Rojava has showed that in order to make, defend and construct the revolution in the subjective case of Middle East; there is a need of an armed organization, a leadership and a party which successfully organize these. It created its most well examples with the organization of YPG/YPJ.

Rojava Revolution has a strong international character. It gathers and unites people's revolutionary forces from the region. there was a need to response this feature by an organization which has an international character and our party fulfilled this duty by pioneering the creation of the international battalion. MLKP is an international pioneer party of class struggle and stands in Rojava with this feature as well. The reason to call the leader parties and people to defend the Rojava revolution, comes from its communist internationalist character. Without being contented with this call, it shows itself with action by being the concrete subject and pioneer force to organize.

The first step of this has a military character which shows its organized character on the International Battalion.

The forces against the revolution are local, regional and global forces. The imperialist global forces appears against us everywhere. It is essential to help Rojava revolution and stand against this by international solidarity of the oppressed. MLKP's International Battalion and its intention to other social organization areas, is an applied critic to the world's communists and revolutionists' insufficiency on their existence under the case of international struggle and duty. A coherent internationalism means to show the revolution who doesn't see and to apply the people's unity and struggle to real life.

In this cruel capitalist imperialist world, in spite of their dirty and bloody interests; Rojava, as being a garden of people, might be a beautiful example of a life which is equally shared together in terms of brotherhood and sisterhood. We take this experience as an example for ourselves in order to create and spread it all around the world. We will keep on being the pioneer and having an active role in international solidarity and support process. As a promise to our martyrs that we lost in the defense of Rojava revolution, we will spread this revolution to our region and world. While trying to build an alternative model in Rojava, under the conditions of continual bloody attacks of DAİŞ darkness and the attempts to lead the revolution into the system by the imperialist capitalist forces; the weight that we hold has to be shared.

internationalists, as coming forward, and all laborers of the world hold this duty on their shoulders. Through your conference we would like to make a call to all workers, laborers, revolutionaries and communists, organized/unorganized democratic individuals, and coherent internationalists; As our Kobani martyr Sibel Bulut states, "come and touch to the revolution!" Be a part of the defense and construction of Rojava Revolution. Act with solidarity and show your support in every possible way. This is a revolution of all and it belongs to the progressive humanity.

We wish success and send our greetings to all people and organizations who could not come but share their heart with us, turn their faces to revolution and act with solidarity.

Viva Rojava Revolution!

Viva International Solidarity!,

2nd October 2015