Funeral of Hasan Ocak

Comrade Hasan Ocak was a man of his cause, a brave activist, a symbol of belief and willpower who breathed in the air of revolution 24 hours a day.  He was our party's founding member. Immediately after our unity revolution, during March 12-15, 1995 in the district of Gazi , in Istanbul, as a reaction to a fascist massacre, he was one of the leaders of the uprising that took place.  As a result of this he took the title of Gazi Commander.  After this uprising, on the 21st of March, comrade Hasan was kidnapped by political police.  On the 26th of March, after being severely tortured, he was murdered by being strangled with a wire.  He joined the list of people who went missing while in custody.  As a result of a mighty struggle that was led by our party, our comrade's family and by the relatives of other people missing in custody, comrade Hasan’s body was found on the 19th of May 1995.  During a magnificent funeral ceremony in Gazi ten thousand people said farewell to comrade Hasan.  Our beloved Gazi Commander, with his smiling pictures, became a flag of our struggle to stop people going missing while in custody.