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Struggle against forced disappearance in custody

After the Gazi Uprising, the fascist regime kidnapped comrade Hasan Ocak, delegate of the Foundation Congress of our party MLCP, on 21 March 1995, and murdered him in police custody. Party started a campaign of struggle against forced disappearances in the name of Hasan Ocak. The campaign continued under the slogans "You took them alive, we want tem back alive", "We want the list of those who let disappear; not that of those who are disappeared", "Don't be silent! If you keep silent you will be the next one". As a result of the campaign, comrade Hasan’a dead body was found at a grave of homeless people. The Saturday Mothers', who made sit-in actions every Saturday at Galatasaray Square within the context of the campaign, have been an important post of both the struggle against forced disappearance and the social opposition in general. Due to the campaign, the disappearances under police custody in our country were repulsed for a period.