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12-15 March 1995, Gazi Uprising

On 12 March 1995 in Gazi , a labourers’ district in Istanbul, the counter-guerrilla forces committed an armed attack against a café where usually Allevite people used to go. This attack had the objective of creating a conflict between the Allevite and Sunnite labourers and to hinder the recent revolutionary rise at the workers’ districts, but on the contrary, the labourers started a march towards the police station under the leadership of revolutionary forces, with the slogan “The murderers are at the police station; the murderer is the state!”. Thus, a one-week-uprising began in Gazi, where 23 labourers would be killed by the state forces. Our party MLCP stood at the forefront of this uprising at the Gazi district with its level of preparation and its perspective of spreading the uprising into the other districts and cities.