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Revolt against the demolition of houses in the labourer quarters…

The " Urban Transformation Project " of the AKP government includes the demolition of the houses of hundreds of thousands of labourers living in the big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir for the share of rant and the sale of these areas to the big monopolies. . 1 million 250 thousand people are directly effected by the project, which signifies the creation of new rant areas, the sale of the public areas to the international capital and as a result of which the poor of the cities were thrown out on the street.. Many resistances arose at the labourers' districts against the house demolitions. Demolition teams were responded by barricades, stones and street clashes. At some districts, demolitions were hindered while thousands of labourers lost their homes at some other districts. Attacks of demolition in the context of the "Urban Transformation Project" and the resistance against this continue.