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For the victory of the revolution. Long live MLCP!

...The aim of MLCP is to overthrow capitalism and establish socialism. It leads the struggle for the liberation of the proletariat, which means the liberation of mankind. It fights for a world without borders, exploitation, classes and state. As socialism is a system that has to be established by the working class and labouring masses themselves, its task is to lead their participation in the economic, political and social life..
MLCP's programme of anti-imperialist democratic revolution is based on the Soviet Union of Workers'-Labourers' Republics, the voluntary, free and equal unity of the peoples of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan..
MLCP defends and fights for the proletarian revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat in order to achieve the communist world, which is the liberation of proletariat and mankind. It believes that a sharp class struggle will also continue under the power of proletariat against the danger of restoration, that the dictatorship of proletariat is a real democracy, a socialist democracy, and it aims at it...