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We are the young stars of MLKP which was founded with the Unity Congress as a result of the efforts of communist organizations of Turkey and North Kurdistan from 1989 until on September 10th, 1994. We were established with the founding will of MLKP on 25 September 1994. Regarding the genuine shape of youth and Marxist-Leninist experience, the life form of party's youth ranks which principally need to be organized in a separate organization came into being as Communist Youth Organization (KGÖ). This level of independence is specific to Turkey for now. Since the fact that Kurdistan is a country itself, KGÖ's activity there is dependent on Kurdistan organization of our party. The Europe KGÖ is again dependent on Europe Committee of our party. KGÖ ideologically, politically, strategically and programmatically follows MLKP, but it is organizationally independent. KGÖ has presented utmost frontier examples of commitment to socialist democracy by recording four congress into 20 years of history under fascist dictatorship ruling conditions.

From campuses to high schools, from barricades in laboring neighborhoods to the leap of university youth on 4-5 February, from Higher Education Board (YÖK) protests to 2004 NATO clashes, from justice cry for Roboski to Gezi uprising, KGÖ has always been at the foremost. In the antifascist struggle in Europe and immigrant youth's rising anger, KGÖ has always been the struggle comrade side by side with people. It has proceeded as a Kurdistani force on a socialist patriotic line in Kurdistan. Wherever there is a militant struggle, we have been there to fight as communist youth. In the course of our twenty years of history, our members Şengül Boran, Özgür Evrim Göçen, Erkut Direkçi, Aynur Karaman, Özgür Kaya Taşdelen, Yasemin Çiftçi, Emre Aslan, Ivana Hoffmann and Sinan Sağır became martyrs. Suphi Nejat Ağırnaslı (Paramaz Kızılbaş) has raised in our ranks.

Our roots trace back to our geography's revolutionary leaders of '68 movement, Deniz Gezmiş, Mahir Çayan and İbrahim Kaypakkaya. Their revolutionary surges, knitted trench comradeships, revolutionary romanticisms, determination, dare and claim in 1971 are now resurrecting on a new level in the hands of us, young communists in Kobane, Rojava and Shingal.  Among our party MLKP's Rojava martyrs, Suphi Nejat Ağırnaslı, Emre Aslan, Ivana Hoffmann and Sinan Sağır comrades, as also being martyrs of youth, became maintainers of this historical revolutionary tradition under new conditions both as an internationalist and a Kurdistani force. They defeated death and won the victory as the frontier cadres of sacrifice troops. By taking 'revolutionary's task is to make revolution' words as their guide, they joined Rojava revolution to carry their dreams to power. KGÖ, in the name of their presence, is the youth troop of MLKP fighting in Rojava.

In this regard, KGÖ is well aware of its historical tasks and responsibilities in the struggle of revolution and socialism. It has taken the duty of being present wherever the needs of revolution as its duty, made fighting in wherever necessary footholds as its motto. It has proven its sincerity in the struggle of gaining youth to the revolutions, manifested its determination in the battle fields to everyone, friend or enemy.

It is clear that KGÖ has been upholding a war without a breath for 20 years.. None of the counter-revolutionary attacks up to now planned by the enemy has been able to block this pursuit, on contrary, they clenched the youth more around the shining star of komsomol. Red star of our party MLKP, KGÖ has a clear message to young women, men and LGBTI's. To raise the massive communist organization of youth together in the struggle of honor and freedom, to lead the anti- imperialist and antifascist struggle more.

Young woman, man and LGBTI communists' sailing from the ranks of komsomol, party school to the wide oceans of devoted revolutionary life is historical responsibility of KGÖ.