Let's increase the will and tendency of political intervention!
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Contribution of MLCP for the 2nd World Congress of the International Council of Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People, September 23-24-25, 2005 Toronto, CANADA


24 September 2005 / Paper to the 2nd World Congress


Dear Friends and Comrades,

We find it correct and support and salute that the International Council feels a need on the active intervention within the international and regional political developments, and that it shows a tendency and will in that direction. The communist and revolutionary movement cannot just stand and watch, cannot be uninterested and spontaneous regarding the offence, illnesses and badnesses of capitalism which drives the world working class, toilers, and peoples and oppressed into darkness and catastrophe. Therefore, we must take our place within the class struggle and in its forefront. Our horizon of struggle and intervention must contain the whole world.

The comprehension and the practice of struggle until now have shown that the International Council mainly limited itself with acting on the developments within the borders of the former Soviet Union. It narrowed its horizon. This position has prevented it from intervening within and showing reaction on the international developments. Moreover, this has pacified it in the face of international political developments.

What we have to do is to consider the entire planet as a field of struggle. We must consider the fights of the world working class, labouring masses and oppressed nations for social and national liberation; their struggle for socialist revolution and their anti-imperialist struggle as the reason of our existence. As a matter of fact, this is the real meaning of taking international solidarity, support and action out of being abstract and general, and upholding them with concrete and real relations.

Many circles, conferences and platforms exist in the world for the sake of unity of the communist, revolutionary and progressive parties and groups. There is no doubt that each of these efforts and searches, containing the purpose of developing the international struggle, are much valuable. But there is another thing as important as that; this is the weakness or lack of most of these platforms’ ties with the political struggle, their action and their level of intervention. It is rather clear that the platforms, whose relations with the social and political reality is very weak and whose actions are spontaneous, won’t occupy a significant place within the class struggle.

This organisation can also become one of the initiatives, searches and efforts towards the realisation of the organisational unity and the common action of the international communist movement and the anti-imperialist struggle.

MLCP was founded 11-years-ago by the organisational unity of four communist groups. And today it evaluates this unity as a mentality revolution. It is because MLCP has succeeded to develop a new, revolutionary style in its theoretical production and practice, and in its political and organisational work. We think MLCP’s unification can be an important experience for both the organisational unity of communist groups and forces in single countries and for the unification work of the international communist movement.


Dear Comrades,

Our party MLCP thinks that the International Communist Movement is in an ideological and organisational crisis. This has been clearly proved by the current dispersed, divided, spontaneous and ineffective situation of the International Communist Movement. The domination of the idea and the practice of nonparty, non-organisation in Europe, the ideological influence of liberal left, reformism and revisionism in the world, the fact that the political Islam is the one which evaluates the anti-imperialist dynamics, forces and opportunities in the Middle East, the back tracking of the “parties in process of transition” of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe at the revolutionary political struggle and organisational work, show the necessity of a revolutionary intervention within this situation. We don’t find it necessary to open up and discuss on the reasons of these fixations in our presentation today. But I must say that the struggle for the organisational unity of the international communist movement is not a tactical struggle, but it is an historical and strategic question. Today it represents both an actual political task and a task of principles for the communist parties.

Dear Friends,

The imperialist bourgeoisie’s anti-communist offence has accelerated especially after the collapse of the Revisionist Bloc and the disintegration of the Soviet Union. According to this anti-communist campaign, which merged with “globalisation” in this period, the working class had vanished, socialism has died, the world of ideologies became history, the capitalism had gained the ultimate victory and Marxism was defeated! But all these were just demagogies and were exposed within a few years by the very life itself without an extraordinary contribution of communists. Neither the class struggle had stopped nor humanity had met with welfare, peace and freedom as it was promised. Capitalism brought nothing else then social destruction, barbarity and war to the proletariat and the peoples through imperialist aggression and occupation, barbarity and neoliberal attacks.

The hundred-years-old imperialism, however, continues to plunder the whole world. The characteristics of our era have not been changed. The capitalist mode of production is in the most developed process of its internationalisation. The international organisation of the capital and production is in its last phrase.

On international scale, the working class and the labouring masses are under many-sided plunder and pressure. The conditions are rather matured for the world workers’ and communist movement to conduct an organised fight against the internationally organised attacks of the capital. Today the objective basis of regional and world revolutions is more developed then yesterday. The whole question concentrates on the problem whether the communists have the will to take a step towards the aim to create a new communist international. Taking such a step is standing as an immediate historical task before the communists.

The international unity of communists is a principled unity. There is no place for any ideological comprehension except Marxism-Leninism in this point. In the coming period, we must succeed with the will of evaluating our new designation, as a first step towards overcoming the international communist movement’s ideological and organisational crisis and realizing its organisational unity. We must discuss on the methods of how we should take a step and upon the movement plans. But before anything else, in order to take this step, a declaration of unshakable and strong will is necessary.

The question of international communist movement’s organisational unity is representing only one of the international historical tasks of the communists. Their second historical task is to build and coordinate the international anti-imperialist and anti-fascist fight against imperialism. That is to say that we must not only struggle to succeed in the organisational unity of the international communist movement, but also to build and direct the struggle against the imperialist aggression and war. Such a practice will help parties and groups to know each other better on the basis of concrete and real relations, but it will also serve to the emergence of the real needs, responsibilities and the actors of the class struggle.

In our first World Congress in Toronto, we mentioned the necessity that the International Council should struggle against the multinational monopolies, IMF, World Bank, World Trade Organisation; imperialism, fascism and all types of reaction as a whole. We tried to point out the International Council’s duty to organise and lead the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist struggle on the international level. Our view is that we can fulfil this duty by “acting as a united front”. The Council must take steps in the direction to organize the unity of the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist forces on the international arena. It should take itself as an accountable of forming an anti-imperialist front or a union of anti-imperialist struggle.


Comrades and Friends,

The direction of the political developments in the world, the consequences of Iraqi and Middle Eastern people’s resistance have shown that the US imperialism is not the only, absolute and invincible power in the world. The USA was not able to come out of the Iraqi quagmire that it has sunk into. It always fails in its attempts to distract people and to hide the process of its defeat. It is seen clearly that its pretexts for ocupation like chemical weapons and Al-Queda connection with Iraq were baseless. It was not able to involve the EU, UN, NATO and regional states in the occupation. During and after the election manoeuvre, it could not get the results that it had expected from the debates on the constitution. The USA is having difficulty in establishing a protectorate colonial administration in Iraq. The American people’s support for Bush has reduced to 30%.

22 Arab countries and Latin American countries have increased their opposition through the approval of the Brasilia Declaration against the US occupation and hegemonic offence. The countries of the Shanghai organisation, Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, appear on the scene as a different imperialist will against the USA. Uzbekistan wants the closure of the US military bases. In Latin America, the anti-imperialist wave led by F. Castro and Chavez is growing, and is becoming a great moral and spiritual source for the peoples.

We are seeing the signals of various developments and changes at the relations and the balance of power among the imperialist states. The Iraqi and Palestinian peoples continue to resist on behalf of all the peoples and oppressed of the world. What is missing is the organisation, support and solidarity of the world peoples who are sharing the same destiny, and the increasing of their actions. And this task also downs principally on to the political vanguard parties of the proletariat and people.

In the current conditions, the Balkans, Middle East, Caucasus/Caspian Basin are representing the first regions as well as Latin America where inter-contradictions among imperialists take place intensively.

The rivalry of the imperialist countries in these regions is sharpened and intensified leaving the rivalry in other regions behind. After dismembering Yugoslavia, imperialist powers, principally the USA and EU, have re-shared the lands of the country and the peninsula among themselves during the New Balkan

Wars. Now there is a kind of silence in the region which still continues. However this silence is illusive; the protectionist and occupant forces are going to see how illusive this silence is. The working class, labouring masses and oppressed nations in the Balkans are struggling to crush the imperialist yoke. The Anti-imperialist coordination in the Balkans, which our party also involves in, is a step forward to organise this struggle on the Balkan scale.

The Palestinian and Iraqi resistance in the Middle East is still ongoing. The struggle of the Iraqis, who are fighting against the American occupation, and the Palestinians, who are fighting against Zionism, is the struggle of all peoples of the world as well. In order to overthrow the regimes of imperialism and their collaborators in the Middle East and to free the region by driving these hegemonic, reactionary and fascist forces out of the region, MLCP remarks at the need for an Anti-imperialist Coordination of Struggle in the Middle East, and develops further its initiatives and searches for such a platform. Because it believes that people’s brotherhood, equality and peace in the region can only be realised through a democratic or socialist Middle Eastern Federation. The International Council should also consider the struggle in this area as its own struggle.

One corner (Caucasus/Caspian Basin) of the triangle formed by the Balkans, the Middle East and the Caucasus/Caspian Basin was a part of the former Soviet Union, and it is of direct concern for some of the peoples and countries of the former Soviet Union. Imperialist rivalry in this region is directly of concern for the Russian, Georgian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Turkmen, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Persian and Turkish proletariat and labourers. The regional unity of communists, revolutionaries, all anti-imperialists and antifascists of this region must target the ongoing imperialist rivalry in this region, and this unity must be widened gradually. An anti-imperialist coordination; Caucasus/Caspian Basin Anti-imperialist

Coordination, shall also be formed in this region. Our party is continuing with its search in this region also and expects contributions of the Council in this work. We believe that the most effective and most stable solidarity, together with the proletariat and labouring masses of Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey etc., goes through the unification of the forces in the neighbouring countries that fight for the same cause and to throw out the imperialism from this region also.

Regional Anti-imperialist Struggle Co-ordinations are going to play very important roles to advance the anti-imperialist struggle in each country and also on the international arena. And these will significate that the antiemperialist struggle finds its counterpart in the political practice. These platforms will also make significant contributions for the unification of the international communist movement in terms of political practices.

The International Council must be a part of these co-ordinations which have been formed already or for which there is a struggle to be formed, and must act with the will of serving its duties in order to unite these under an international umbrella organisation.

As a conclusion;

* This meeting should acknowledge itself as a component of the international anti-imperialist and antifascist struggle, as a step in realisation of organisational unity in this struggle. It must carry such a will and must determine principles for that.

* This meeting should give special importance to the regions, where inter-contradiction among imperialists is sharpened and deepened, such as Latin America and the Balkans- Middle East-Caucasus/Caspian Basin, and must aim at common movement of anti-imperialist forces in these countries and regions.

* It must have the comprehension and will to interfere within the international mass movement, the socalled “anti-globalisation movement”, realising their political and organisational unity. It must struggle against revisionism, reformism and all anti-Marxist currencies in this movement, put forefront the anti-imperialist characteristic of this movement, strengthen the proletariat and toiling base of the movement and direct it against capitalism.


MLCP International Bureau