Problems of the anti-imperialist struggle and our tasks
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Contribution of MLCP Turkey/Northern Kurdistan to International Communist Seminar on April 2-4, 2004 in Brussels


04 April 2004 /Paper to the International Communist Seminar


The main contradictions of the imperialism are continuing by sharpening. The demagogies of the imperialist bourgeoisie and its theoreticians, all left and right liberal theories depending on this conception and the expectations created by promises of the imperialist new world order have failed long time ago. What have been promised after 1989-1991, i.e. after the collapse of the social imperialist Soviet Union and the Revisionist Block? They have promised freedom, democracy and welfare. They have tried to give hope to the people. But, realities were completely different. None of the promises could hide the sharpening side of the system’s main contradictions. It is once more seen that the working class and laboring people are face to face with the options of imperialist barbarism or socialism. Life itself has shown the ideological failure of imperialism.

The imperialism’s assault for economic and political enslavement also deepens its political reaction.

Such an intensification of imperialist financial-economic-political enslavement aggravates enormously the contradiction between the imperialist bourgeoisie and the peoples. It matures the objective conditions of the struggles of the peoples of the neo colonies against imperialism and makes the collaborator monopolist bourgeoisies of neo colonial countries coalesce with the imperialist bourgeoisie thoroughly.

This makes them alienate from the nation completely and lose their whole national characteristic. The stratums of the middle bourgeoisie are oppressed on the one hand, and on the other hand they are forced to capitulate to imperialism by being transformed into annexes of capitalist internationalization.

The collaborator monopolist bourgeoisies, exposes small property owners and small producers to a more intense imperialist capitalist exploitation and dissolves them more rapidly. These conditions create and strengthen the material basis for anti-imperialist revolutions that will be a result of the intensifying contradiction between imperialism and the oppressed peoples.

Shortly: the imperialist countries pursue a policy of military armament, militarism and colonial policies. They have got all types of nuclear, chemical and conventional weapons. They are organizing counterrevolutionary and reactionary violence; at home they are organizing internal reaction while organizing colonialism and imperialist aggression at away. They are holding a siege and are struggling against all types of resistance, organization and legitimate struggle, which defend revolutionary violence, of the working class and the oppressed peoples.

The imperialist occupation, domination and neo-liberal attacks have made more convenient the material conditions of the international proletariat’s anti-imperialist, democratic and socialist revolution struggle against imperialism. The socio-economic conditions for the proletariat to lead the struggles of the peoples against imperialism and to unite them for world revolution through an anti-imperialist wave became more convenient. On the other hand, the current reality makes the international actions and unity of revolutionary proletariat, peoples and the communist vanguards much more necessary for the triumph of the revolution. As a form of fraternity of the peoples, regional federations have gained a special importance both due to these mentioned reasons and in order to prevent imperialists and local bourgeoisie from driving peoples to chauvinist conflicts. This is much more needed for regions such as Middle East, Balkans, Caucasians, where imperialist aggression and wars are densest. Our party is for the revolutionary federation of all peoples in our region. Although the conditions of united and international action are maturing, revolutions will develop unequally. Our party sets forth the program of federative unity of the peoples for the revolutions of the peoples of our region, which will win victory simultaneously or non-simultaneously, and will try to achieve this possible goal.

In the new period, the fact that the US imperialism develops militarism, methods of imperialist war and terror; the fact that competition for redistribution among imperialist monopolies and states aggravates in the field of international relations, intensify inevitably the contradictions among imperialist states and increase peril of an imperialist re-sharing war. So, the proletariat has a duty to raise struggle against, USA being the first, imperialist aggression, war policies and the peril of a new re-sharing war. The contradictions and struggles among imperialists, the law of unequal development of capitalism rendered, starting from October Revolution, triumph of revolution in each link of imperialist chain, in other words in one country, possible and will make it possible in future as well. In the present stage, as the imperialist aggression and the development of contradictions between imperialists show, the probability of regional revolutions along with revolution in one country has increased.

The intensifying main contradictions of imperialism, in general terms, mature the objective conditions of the revolution. However, the political struggle, preparation and growth of the vanguard parties of the international proletariat in each country and at an international scale are still not sufficient for the maturing new worldwide revolutionary wave. To clear away the gap between these two conditions is the outstanding main task of the international proletariat and the communists.

A New Revolutionary Wave Matures. Despite the white terror, prohibitions and constraints of imperialism, fascism and reaction; tremendous opportunities and countless means that the imperialist system has in order to establish ideological hegemony over millions of workers and manipulate them;

the presentation of the collapse of modern revisionist camp as the ‘defeat of socialism’, the surrender of socialist Albania, and the fact that ample masses are taken in by this illusion; despite the heavy moral damage of post 90’s period, the entry of leading communist and certain revolutionary parties to the way of ideological surrender and political liquidation; the fact that working class and the peoples are deprived of their vanguards in most parts of the world, neither the oppressed have remained silent nor the flags have been buried. Struggle for freedom and socialism has continued and it even made progress since the mid-90’s. Furthermore, the working class and the oppressed of developed capitalist countries, though not at same degree everywhere, who began international actions against the imperialist globalization assault, solidarity with oppressed peoples and protests against arson of imperialist war after quitting the silence, have beautified and strengthened the scene. The will of the bourgeois mass media to choke with silence the struggles of the proletariat and peoples, revolutionary struggle being the first, does not make all these facts untrue. The actions increasing against imperialism and its collaborators are showing that the revolution is maturing on the world scale.

The Muslim peoples of Asia being the first, workers, toilers, the youth and women attempted big and intense mass actions against the attack of USA to Afghanistan and its occupation, all around the world. In these demonstrations, in which the rage reached its peak and millions of people participated, USA flags were burnt and there were marches to US representations. In Afghanistan, the government headed by Kharzai, servant of USA, could not set its sovereignty. The imperialist coalition, headed by the American imperialism, has occupied Afghanistan but could not set their hegemony upon the country.

The Palestinian Intifada rose again. Instead of surrendering to the Bush-supported occupation by Israel, the people of Palestine have developed a tenacious resistance. The assassinations of the leaders of Hamas by assassin Sharon and Zionism – that supported by American imperialism- did not break theresistance of this oppressed people, on the contrary, it has strengthened their anger against Zionism and imperialism and their passion on independence.

Tens and hundreds of thousands of proletarians and people belonging to various nations and religions organized protests against the aggression of Israeli Zionism to Palestine in cities including from Istanbul to Cairo, Tokyo to Berlin, Morocco to Paris, Damascus to Athens, Dacca to Rome, Moscow to Peking and to London, briefly all over the world. The struggle for a free and independent Palestinian is sill ongoing with all its hardness.

The occupants, those who thought that they will be welcomed with flowers in Iraq, have been surprised in the face of resistance. Nevertheless, there is nothing to be surprised about: The Iraqis are defending their own country against the imperialist occupation. Regardless of its religious motives, the Iraqi resistance is a resistance against the imperialism, the US imperialism at first. What is developing in Iraq is an anti-imperialist, anti-occupant movement with nationalist, patriotic and religious motives.

The people of Palestine and Iraq are showing us the way of resisting against the imperialist occupation. One must support this struggle and learn from it. The American imperialism and other imperialist countries, those who try to occupy different countries, must know that they will face with a syndrome like Iraqi syndrome.

We must not forget: The people of Iraq and Palestine are also resisting on behalf of us; this is a resistance conducted on behalf of all working class, oppressed peoples and wronged nations of the world. This resistance restrains the aggression of USA and other imperialists; it weakens the imperialism and plays a dissuasive role before their hegemony and aggressions.

Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, Palestine, Algeria, Albania, Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, Iraq are some of the countries where the struggle against imperialism and their local collaborators is increasing. Not only the oppressed nations of Asia, Africa and Latin America are struggling against imperialism. However, as the anti-war and the movement against the imperialist globalization show, the working class and laboring people in imperialist centers are also on the move. Millions of people all over the world are protesting the neo-liberal attacks and expressing that they are in the search for a new world.

Millions of workers and laboring masses are taking the streets and are in a search of alternative. Because, they see that the bourgeois parties are not an alternative for them and they don’t trust them.

The masses are ready for struggle and new organizations…

The movement against imperialist globalization, which developed in the form of rage and protest against the heavy economic and social destruction of the imperialist globalization assault, is anti-imperialist in essence and has an anti-capitalist aspect as well; although it limits its current goal with opposing IMF, WB and WTO.

The basic problem, fallacy and handicap of the mentioned movement is that; with its current composition, the movement limits itself with the instruments and consequences of the imperialist globalization assault, in a more common expression, it lacks the perspective and goal of getting the state power.

However, this situation could and should be overcome. Of course, this can be done through an active participation and mobilization of effort and work that will develop the revolutionary hegemony of the proletariat inside the movement; not through criticizing international mass actions from the outside.

Today, the scope of struggle of proletariat against bourgeoisie has internationalized more. Practical indifference towards the movement against imperialist globalization or a sectarian attitude of keeping away from it, whatever the reasons may be, will be both abandoning leadership assertion of communists and a timid approach towards the opportunities for developing proletarian internationalism, besides a clear national narrow-mindedness.

Urgent International Tasks of Communists: The struggle of the proletariat and the communist vanguard is international in essence. As we mentioned, under the current world conditions; the role of regional and international factors in the proletarian revolution; conditions for international action; and regional-international influencing power and possibility of single-country revolutions have increased.

This also implies that the tasks of the international struggle and international organization of the proletarian and communist movement have gained much more importance and increased.

Today, the international movement of the proletariat lacks the communist vanguard, which will lead it to proletarian dictatorship and socialism. This, not only prevents the movement from developing in a revolutionary way in each country, but also weakens its international action and organization.

Today, the international communist movement is in an ideological and organizational crisis.

The international communist movement has to construct and develop the international unity and organization of proletarian and working masses, together with the tasks of leadership to their struggle for revolution and socialism against imperialism and reaction on both national and international scale.

Developing ideological and organizational unity and international action of the communist movement is a principal and immediate task for our party.

Today, it is an urgent task to develop in a determined way, the international unity of the communist organizations and the revolutionary organizations open to communism. Today, the international unity can only be achieved through the perspective of constructing ideological and organizational unity on the political basis of developing international action of proletariat and peoples. Undoubtedly, the organizational aim is constructing the Communist International.

The parties and organizations those who are communist and open to communism should avoid sectarianism and the blunder of prejudging whether any of the parties is communist or not, before interrelating with this organization directly or without evaluating the content of their actions. This is the most important component of communist responsibility today.

The communist parties, organizations and groups have a duty to contact with all such parties, organizations and movements in order to construct both a proletarian internationalist unity and an international anti-fascist, anti-imperialist front or unity of struggle; and also with the writers, journalists, intellectuals and scientists, who have a consistent and stable attitude against imperialism and fascism.

Not only the world-scale or general, but also regional organizations are necessary, valuable and important for both communist and anti-fascist, anti-imperialist unity and front.


First of all, we must create regional anti-imperialist united platforms in the regions where the contradictions of imperialists are more sharpened against imperialism and fascism together with all other progressive, anti-imperialist, anti-fascist, revolutionary and communist forces. Then we must unite all these platforms on international level. For example, we must create such platforms in the struggle in the Balkans, the Middle-East, the Caucasus and Latin America, where the contradictions between the imperialists are very sharp.

The developments have shown how necessary the united anti-imperialist struggle is and, on this meaning, how correct our party’s idea of Middle-East Conference is.

Moreover, the struggle against imperialist war and neo-liberal policies must be united. But, one must not forget that this struggle for unification is also a struggle against reformism and pacifism. Today, we must put socialism forward as the sole alternative in our struggle against the reformist and pacifist forces, those who are leading the struggle against imperialist globalization and try to hold the struggle within the borders of the system and, in fact, defend the understanding of “social state” under the name of “another world is possible”, and emphasize that “another world is possible” only by a socialist world.

Under the conditions of imperialist globalization, the only option against imperialism, which, as it has been proven many times, can bring nothing but economic and political enslavement, militarism, war for the working class and the peoples; which utilizes globalization for the special interests of the monopolies and states; and which provokes violence through intensifying imperialist rivalry and conflict at world scale as well, is proletarian internationalism.


Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!

Long Live Marxism-Leninism!



MLCP (Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Turkey/Northern Kurdistan)

International Bureau