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The fascist colonialist Turkish regime continues to implement massacres and executions upon civilians. Hundreds of Kurdish youth, elders, women and resistance fighters have been massacred via aggressive utilisation of tens of thousands of Soldiers, Tanks, Artillery, Fighter Jets and Helicopter gunships. Hundreds of civilians trapped in Basements across conflict zones such as Cizre and Sur have been left face to face with death along with dozens perishing on a daily basis.

The Fascist Turkish Dictatorship is concealing the deaths of civilians and its crimes against humanity by spreading the atrocities across time and locations. The wounded are prevented Hospital treatment via army snipers who callously target any vehicles or civilians attempting to haul them to safety. Families have begun death strikes across North Kurdistan for the corpses of their children to be given to them or granted permission for burial since many lay in conflict zones or makeshift morgues, fridge freezers and are preserved via ice packs. The trauma is inexpressible.

A filthy lawless war is being executed against the Kurdish People. The Turkish State is utilising thousands of ex-convicts, sadist ultra-nationalists, torturers and ISIS fighters along with its army to torment the Kurdish people and rain destruction upon their homelands. It is evident that this foul war has been instigated with ISIS mentality and ideology which should come as no surprise since Turkey is amongst the biggest sponsors of ISIS helping breed, feed and train their fighters. Without doubt; the Turkish State's sadistic Political and Military campaign against the Kurdish people are in place today to avenge the Kurdish People's resistance against ISIS in Syria.

The Turkish State is openly expressing its barbaric, brutal and inhumane nature before the eyes of the world. It is feeling empowered by the politics, hypocrisy and interests of the US, EU and rest of the Imperialist nations around the world. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel was son an official state visit to Turkey on a day when 60 Kurds were massacred in a basement in Cizre. In opposition to the Kurdish Revolution; a counter-revolutionary coalition is in place.

In this case, Internationalist Revolutionary and Communist Forces should also take their place in this dignified resistance. The people of Cizre are making an outcry to the rest of the world for the massacres and state violence to cease immediately! They are asking for strength and Solidarity!

We would also like to salute the recent protest by three Revolutionary Ecuadorian Women against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan upon his visit to Ecuador. This protest and reaction is a grand example of solidarity and support. There should be further and more reactions against the Turkish State for this brutality to end immediately.

Our Party, MLCP, calls the world's Working Class, Labourers, the Oppressed, Women, Youth, Revolutionary and Communists of the World to action across streets and protests around the world.

Long lives the resistance in Cizre and Sur!

Long lives the self-autonomy!

Long lives international solidarity!