Suruç Martyrs in Their 3rd Year of Martyrdom Continue Guiding the Path of Our Unified Revolution
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Suruç Martyrs in Their 3rd Year of Martyrdom Continue Guiding the Path of Our Unified Revolution


21st century has witnessed and is still witnessing a few big examples of internationalism worth mentioning. Echoing of the outcry of Rojava all around the world may be one of the most prominent ones of these. Again, the reconstruction phase of the revolution process since 2012 also needed an internationalist action as much as defending the revolution. Revolutionary youth from Turkey and Kurdistan embraced this action as their own identity. Suruç, thus, corresponds to a symbolic moment of this internationalist action. What had happened until Suruç? Kurdish, Turkish, Circassian, Laz, all the peoples of the region had not hesitated to send their most courageous sons and daughters for help at the toughest moment they suffer all together. The fascist hordes falling on Kobanê like a nightmare had been defeated in the most severe way and peoples had demonstrated a determination overcoming their bleeding wounds as well as their wrecked cities.

Suruç, just like the Rojava revolution itself, represents a historical jumping moment in which the unified revolution of Turkey and Kurdistan has hatched up from theory and embodied. Each on of the 33 martyred dream followers came there with this in their consciousness, carrying the honor and responsibility with the decency of the oppressed at their hands. It was a bloody day, that July 20th 2015, but spread countless new seeds of us into the ground for eternal to stay. New notches were scratched at our resistance memory. It reminded us the prices of struggle, that freedom is something to rend, a mode of life. Once more, most precious ones walked ahead. But still, they couldn't prevent Gezi's children from meeting with Kobanê's children.

We can see the greatness of the meaning of the massacre in regard to political course of Turkey at embarking on an unprecedented assault of fascism since then. 3 years have passed, the blood-thirstiness of fascism has not raged, the state tradition filled with massacres has proved all its forces with new massacres in Istanbul and Ankara, in Afrin and North Kurdistan. Yet, in vain! It cannot discourage, Marxist-Leninists sharpened, those who are fighting accepted the reality of war as a part of their historical mission. This decaying state apparatus rampaging with rage is being surrounded by this historical unity of the oppressed like an untearable web. They keep on their movement without stopping not even a minute in order to open the path of ardency for overthrowing the dictator into the dustbin of history.

In its 3rd year, the fascist state, with its killer police, attacked once more to the mass commemorations especially in Ankara and Istanbul. Tens of people detained. These hundreds, thousands who flowed to the streets even under this intense oppression atmosphere where the tiniest humane virtue lost its meaning, manifested that the resistance and spirit of struggle are being carried like day one. Our martyrs shine on our path, their embrace by the masses couldn't be prevented and will not be. All the socialist youth starting from Turkish and Kurdish peoples, every heart of the party, every revolutionary cell, carry the hopes and dreams of the 33 to the future, a free future.
Suruç martyrs are immortal!

Long live the fraternity of Turkish and Kurdish peoples!

Long live the proletarian internationalism!

July 20, 2018
MLKP Turkey/Kurdistan
International Bureau