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Comrade Ivana Hoffman (Avaşin Tekoşin Güneş), MLCP combattant, became immortal defending the Rojava Revolution in Til Temir on March, 7th 2015, during an armed confrontation with the fascist ISIS gangs holding the weapon of her comrade Coşkun İnce, who had become immortal in the resistance front shortly before. Comrade Avaşin was a 20 years old communist. Through her revolutionary practice in Rojava as an internationalist revolutionary she has written history.

Despite her young age she has taken the world's weight on her shoulders and decided to join the carawan of revolutionary internationalist adventurers. One of her foots stood on African ground, the lands that are enslaved for some diamonds, another one of her foots joined the resistance of the modern slaves in Europe and a last stood in Rojava (Kurdistan), which faces encirclement and massacres. Ivana was African, European, a woman of Kurdistan and the Middle East. She was a bridge connecting Africa with Europe, she was a revolutionary, which brought together Europe with the Rojava Revolution and the young women with women's liberation.

Her party, MLCP, said the following about Ivana Hoffmann:

'Our comrade Avaşin Tekoşin Güneş was born on November, 1st, 1995 in Germany. In her youth our comrade Avaşin got to know our youth organization, worked actively in her native city and took tasks in different areas of the struggle. Our comrade which has been active for six month in Rojava has taken different tasks in the canton Jazira. Finally she joined one of our units, that had the task to fend off the ISIS gang's attacks on Til Temir. From the first day on she fought in the first lines of battle. Our comrade Avaşin was an internationalist communist, who fell in love with freedom, she possesed a strong will for bringing the opressors to justice and felt the people's pain in her heart. She defined to share pain and joy of the struggling Kurdish and Turkish people, the struggle against dictators and colonialists as her philosophy of life. Being an internationalist communist she heard the call of revolution. She turned her face to Kurdistan. She saw the freedom of Kurdish people as her own. She was a freedom fighter, dreaming of the revolution.'

The barbarism of imperialist capitalism is experienced in all regions of the world in bestial forms of exploitation, unemployment, war, migration, destruction of nature and history, abuse of women and children. Today all over the world the revolutionary contradictions have deepened and the possibilities for socialism grow. It may be inequal, but in every region class struggle is fought on different levels. In this sense the Rojava Revolution has become a base of world revolution. The International Freedom Batallion is an expression of this. Comrade Ivana was one of the revolutionaries, that first gave their answer to this call.

Ivana Hoffmann means a call to break with the capitalist system for the European youth. She is to march on for one's own dreams. She is power and hope for another life. The revolutionary legacy of Ivana echoes everywhere. The revolutionary parties and groups are invited to spread her revolutionary call everywhere and popularize Ivana. They can organize seminarys or commemoration days for Ivana our Ivana-Hoffmann exhibitions.

All revolutionary partys, groups and individuals are invited to join the Ivana Hoffmann festival, which will take place on June, 25th in Duisburg. This festival will turn into another and even stronger call for revolution, socialism, internationalist consciousness and action.