Let us stop the occupation and the genocide! Let us become a barricade for the Rojava Revolution!
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MLKP Central Committee / statement / 8 November 2019 

The fascist colonialist state of the Turkish bourgeoisie has positioned itself to attack the Rojava revolution. It aims to occupy Rojava, commit a genocide of the Kurdish people, oppress our Arab people who raised the flag of freedom, and submit the Assyrian, Armenian, and Circassian national communities who have won their democratic rights. It plans to first invade Rojava and northern Syria and gradually establish its rule in the rest of Syria, relying on the collaborators of the Turkish Republic, the looters, rapists, torturers of the fsa and other gangs based in Idlib and other areas. This was announced at the meeting held in Urfa on behalf of the „Syrian Interim Government and National Army". The next dream of the denialist fascist colonialist regime is the occupation of the Medya Defense Areas.
Russia and the US have shown that they will pave the way for the attack and thus become accomplices of the fascist political-Islamist Erdoğan regime. Germany, France and the others have taken the same route. The Assad regime, on the other hand, tends to watch the colonialist occupation, in other words to provide practical support to smash the Kurdish national struggle and the Arab people united in the Freedom Front.
The world working class, the oppressed and the poor must become one fist, one barricade against the attack of the fascist Turkish colonial state under the patronage of Russia and the US. From the very beginning, freedom and fascism, equality / fraternity and denialism / colonialism, freedom of women and patriarchy, human dignity and enmity against human dignity, justice and injustice, the oppressed and the cruel will be confronted and fight each other in this genocidal invasion war in Rojava and northern Syria.
This war will deeply affect the future of workers, women, youth and the poor, not only in Rojava and northern Syria, but in a vast region from Asia to Cyprus, from the Middle East to North Africa. The victory of the Rojava Revolution, the Freedom Front of Rojava and Syria will intensify the revolutionary situation in the region and spark new struggles in the struggle for freedom, as well as hope, determination and the courage to move forward for the whole world. A victory for the denier, genocidal, colonialist fascists will force us, to make greater sacrifices for the struggle for liberation, not only in Rojava and Syria, but also from Palestine to India, from Columbia to the Philippines.
We call on the working class, women, youth, working people, the poor, the unemployed, intellectuals and artists from around the world, especially the Turkish, Kurdish and Arab people, the progressive, the revolutionary patriot and communist to support those who will fight for freedom, justice, equality between women and peoples, and become one fist, one barricade against fascism, genocide and the occupation. Let us stand up for the defense of the Rojava Revolution and the victory of the Freedom Front of Rojava and Syria by going to Rojava as fighters, doctors, health and press workers, actions, demonstrations, strikes, boycotts and rallies organize and take part in these, occupy representations of the Turkish state in all parts of the world, prevent trade at international ports, defend the Rojava revolution and the freedom of Rojava and Syria. Let us stand up for the victory of the Freedom Front of Syria.
Shoulder to shoulder with the Rojava revolution against fascism, genocide and colonial occupation!
Let us settle our debt to the Rojava revolution that defeated ISIS!
Solidarity is the tenderness of the peoples - let us strengthen the solidarity!
Long live the resistance, long live the victory!

7 October 2019
Central Committee