On its 25th year of Fight, the Sacrifice Troop of the Revolution is Young and Unyielding as Ever! Let’s Rise the Struggle for the Power of the Workers-Laborers’ Councils and Socialism!
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Statement / MLKP CC / N° 5 Year: 2019

Sisters and Brothers!

Our party, which celebrates its 25th year of fight, was founded in the period when the world counter-revolution had proclaimed its absolute victory. The world bourgeoisie was yelling that exploiters would always exploit, whereas the exploited would always be exploited. According to this parasitic, exploitive and cruel sovereigns, the rich and the poor, the oppressor and the oppressed would always remain as so; the world would be an eternal hell for the workers, women, the poor, urban laborers, peasants, the youth, oppressed peoples and oppressed beliefs. A new world order would have been created under the control of the US as a world gendarme, in which workers and the oppressed would no longer have the courage to raise their voice, to fight for their honor and freedom for the sake of a new world and new life. There ideology was supposed to be dead, the history has already ended!
Declaring its foundation on September 10, 1994, the MLKP was a challenge to the bourgeoisie in the conditions of that period; a communist response to all those lies, demagogies and threats of destruction. It was the outcry of a just and humane hatred to the exploitive and cruel world of capitalism. It was an enthusiastic hand of fraternity thrusting to those who struggle in various corners of the world with their longing to freedom and socialism; a new red emplacement which was gained within the revolutionary action of the working class of the world.

Sisters and Brothers!

The MLKP, which has announced its foundation as the victory of "the unity revolution", was an open and daring challenge against the fascist dictatorship, which focused on crushing the revolutionary struggle during the first half of the 90's through unlimited fascist terror, torture and various methods of counter-guerrilla, forcing the communists and the revolutionaries towards bourgeois legalism. The MLKP was the blow given to the capitalist order of exploitation and to the denialist colonialism ruling over Turkey and North Kurdistan. It was the declaration of a much more equipped, strong and effective warfare to be launched. It was the strong barricade against the liquidationism; the leap to a new level of devotion, sacrificial spirit and loyalty to the ideals of the immortals.

Sisters and Brothers!

MLKP was a mindset revolution, a practical move calling the laborer left to break with the tribalism and unprincipled secessionism which had been dominating the revolutionary movement after 1974. It was a deepening of the given understanding and accumulation on points like "revolution", "party", "understanding and manner of political leadership and political struggle", "strategy", "united front", "internationalism", "women liberation struggle", "theory and producing theory", or in other words, it was the re-creation of them within the action of breaking with the old. MLKP was a breakwater against chauvinism and social chauvinism; the flag of the united revolution, of the comradeship of internationalism and socialist patriotism. It was the claim of being a Marxist-Leninist vanguard to organize the revolution; an ardent invitation for the world communists to march on the path of the October Revolution, to build a new communist international, "to discuss all necessary fundamental issues collectively".

Sisters and Brothers!
Continuous attacks of the enemy, long periods of silence that working class and peoples shared under the fascist terror in different periods , epidemic of liquidationism, weaknesses in the party's action or failing moments and periods... These were not enough to break the will of MLKP, neither prevented the party from reproducing itself more strongly than before.
Within the 25 years of fight, MLKP has faced moments and processes where it has been insufficient for the conditions of late 20th century and early 21st century; slow to break with the old methods; techniques and manners of the illegality; unsuccessful to protect its leadership; late to develop structural transforming steps in its Leninist party model in a way to respond new conditions, as well as some periods where it weakened its manner of political struggle or failed to implement its tactics in a competent way. However, this did not break the MLKP's will to achieve continuity in its political line and organizational continuity, neither gave blow to its perspective and determination for going beyond the limits or to its ability of comprehending its own revolutionary tasks. As a party adopting the slogan "never surrender to defeat no matter what and how it is", MLKP has followed the way of revealing its inabilities and failures without hesitation and challenging the given situation. By applying the institution of criticism and self-criticism together with its revolutionary will, it has managed to overcome all of them.
From September 10, 1994 up to September 10, 2019, MLKP has conducted its fight by following the line of bringing up the problems, demands and aspirations of the working class and the oppressed. It has positioned itself at the forefront of the struggle and fought with a spirit of sacrifice. For the liberation of the working class and the oppressed, it has shed its own blood in every field of the struggle doing free agitation and propaganda, during the enforced disappearances attacks of the enemy, during its war preparations, on the May Day squares, in the streets of Europe, in the death fast s, in the torture cellars, in revolutionary assaults, in the street clashes, in its revolutionary bases besieged by the enemy, in the mountains, at the Ankara railway station, in Suruc, in Rojava, in the Medya Defense Zones... Thousands of its militants, supporters, sympathizers experienced tortures and jails. And in this entire march under fire, MLKP has always called the enemy to account and exact a toll. It has turned dungeons into the emplacements of resistance and revolutionary schools. The courts became a field of struggle where its militants carried out the propaganda of freedom and socialism, of the vanguard party and its struggle, as well as revealed the cruelty of fascism, denialist colonialism and capitalism.
As a process of existence passing through many challenges, this 25 years have proved that MLKP is a Marxist-Leninist vanguard. It is revolutionary. It has the power to renew itself. It is firmly bond with the ideals that are symbolized with the immortals. It has the ability to produce the fighting will and determination over and over again. It has a very robust hope and belief to the future. It is the united and organized platoon of the working class from the Turkish and Kurdish people, as well as from various national communities. It is the flag-bearer of the equality of peoples. It is the power of the women revolution that keeps growing and gaining competence day by day. It is the determination to put an end to the inhuman oppression and tyranny over the LGBTI+. It is a trench of struggle against the devastation and destruction of natural and historical environment against capitalism stealing the earth from the future generations. It is one of the communist armies of the world proletariat, as an internationalist party firmly bond with the perspective of world revolution
All of these are concrete facts that reside in the theoretical view and the political line of MLKP, as well as in its program and statue which have gained their most competent form in the 6. Congress of the party. Above all, they have been tested in its essential bench mark, that is, in its practical action.
Sisters and brothers!
The MLKP's political struggle has followed the line of combining legal and illegal, armed and unarmed, peaceful and mass violence forms and means of struggle in a way to complement each other. Rather than an inward direction to the party itself, its has turned its face towards the masses, to their problems, demands and longings.
Gazi Uprising.. Gezi-June Uprising.. Kobanê uprising of the 6-8 October.. Rojava Revolution.. The campaign against enforced disappearances.. The Sultanbeyli assault.. The campaign against the NATO summit in Istanbul.. The campaign for the reconstruction of Kobanê.. Campaigns against civil fascist gangs.. Actions for defending the self-governance resistance in North Kurdistan.. The actual practice within the self-governance resistance of Nusaybin.. Human shield actions.. Campaigns for education in the mother tongue.. Campaigns for an equal, just and democratic peace.. Campaigns for the success of workers' strikes, resistances and workplace occupations.. Campaigns against workplace homicides.. Campaigns against femicides and violence against women.. Actions for the release of female prisoners who applied their self-defense right. Campaigns against new laws of slavery imposed on workers and women.. Solidarity campaigns with the laborers and the poor who are affected by floods and earthquakes.. Campaigns for the expansion of democratic rights, such as freedom of speech, press, association, assembly and action..Campaigns against the robbery of taxes and markups.. Campaigns against physical, mental and ideological decaying imposed through the state backed gangs in the quarters.. Campaigns and actions for the different demands of youth in schools and universities.. Resistances and barricade battles against the demolition of shanties.. Actions for the equality of the Alevi belief, for individual demands of the Alevi people.. Actions against capitalist attacks on the natural and historical environment.. May Day actions.. Street clashes against the Council of Higher Education. Election campaigns.. Barricade fights within prisons.. Indefinite hunger strike and death fast resistances overflowing from prisons to the streets.. The funeral ceremonies of the immortals.. And hundreds of large and small but continuous political practices based on each political, economic, academic problems and demands of working class and the oppressed...
Just as its unique step of " the unity revolution", which was achieved against the tribalism and unprincipled secessionism, the MLKP has also developed its views on building united fronts, by moving from concrete conditions and requirements. It has unified its determination for the union of forces, with the efforts towards the construction of the united democratic front and the united revolutionary front. When these efforts had practically come on the agenda, the MLKP positioned on the fore steps of the united democratic front and the united revolutionary front. It has worked selflessly and with much effort for the development and strengthening of both these fronts.
With a Marxist-Leninist perspective, the MLKP has taken responsibility to deal with the imperialist globalization era of capitalism in terms of implementing its outcomes on the party's program and actual political struggle after analyzing its meaning for the bourgeoisie and capitalism, as well as its new political, economic, social conditions for workers and the oppressed.
Moving from the fundamental Marxist-Leninist perspectives and experiences of socialism, the MLKP has managed to progress on the issue of gender contradiction under the leadership of the communist women and achieved a new level on points such as women's organization, women revolution, co-representation. It has put this progress in an organizational and programmatic framework. The co-chairmanship institution has become the most vivid expression of this.
The MLKP has succeeded to develop its Leninist party model towards the requirements and tasks of the actual period and class struggle, leading to achieve a party structure as the sum of different organizations and fronts.
Despite all the disadvantages and tough obstacles of the fascist conditions, the MLKP has kept the
socialist democracy and collectivism high above, never got tired of seeking to strengthen them. Within its 25 years, the communist vanguard has gathered 6 Congresses with the participation of elected delegates and 3 central Conferences. In the same period, MLKP Kurdistan Organization has organized one Conference whereas the MLKP Rojava Organization has actualized its first Conference within the conditions of revolution. Our communist youth organization, KGÖ, has organized 4 Congresses since its foundation. And the Communist Women's Organization (KKÖ) has already achieved to gather 2 Conferences so far. MLKP is proceeding on its way by leading itself according to the decisions of Congress and Conferences.

Sisters and Brothers!

While celebrating the 25th anniversary of our party's foundation and struggle, we call on working class, the vanguard women and men workers in particular, to gather under the flag of the communist vanguard, to shoulder the task of revolutionary leadership.
We call on all the oppressed, of which the working class is the most powerful component, to
rise the struggle against the political Islamist chief regime, denialist colonialism, capitalism and patriarchy, to unite in the ranks of the MLKP which is equipped with a greater desire, spirit and intention of fight in its 25th year, to create the Union of People's Republics of Turkey and Kurdistan, to prepare the socialist future of Rojava, to progress the revolution on the path of regional democratic and socialist federations; to strengthen the Armed Forces of the Poor and the Oppressed (FESK), its Kurdistan Organization, its Communist Youth Organization (KGÖ) and the vanguard of the women revolution, the Communist Women's Organization (KKÖ).

We Follow the Path of Those who Have Fallen for Freedom and Socialism!
Victory, Victory, Victory! Glory to the Sacrifice Troop of Revolution!
Freedom, Justice and Equality for Women!
Revolution is the Only Way, Long Live Socialism, Long Live the Women Revolution!
Long Live the World Revolution!

September 4, 2019
MLKP Central Committee