Comrades Taylan Kutlar and Hıdır Çallı immortalized as flags of the war determination and sacrificial spirit of our party. Their memory and their ideals are our strength, our guide and our oath!
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Central Committee / Year: 2019 / Statement N°5


Taylan Kutlar, member of our party and commander of the FESK-Kurdistan Rural Unit, and Hıdır Çallı, member of our party and guerrilla of the FESK-Kurdistan Rural Unit, martyred on July 10, 2019 in the mountains of Dersim along with three comrades of HPG , whose names we not yet know. The fascist-colonialist enemy was forced to rely on the support from the air in the face of their self-sacrificing attitude. The freedom fighters have created a new example of the resistance tradition when they were murdered by the bombs of the combat aircraft. They have become immortal as an appeal to strengthen the fight against fascism and colonialism.
Comrade Taylan Kutlar, known to our peoples in the war fields as Seydo Azad and having chosen the party name Adil Yıldırım, saluted the world in the village of Kuruttaş in the district of Arguvan in Malatya as the child of a laboring peasant family. Since April 1996 he fought in the ranks of the communist vanguard. This march, which he began at the age of 16, lasted 23 years without interruption.
Wherever the revolution, the party thought it necessary, there he was. He fulfilled his revolutionary duties in 1996-1997 in the student work, 1997-1998 in the press work for the workers' masses and 1998-1999 in the district work in Bağcılar. In 1999-2000 he had carried out militia activities in Bağcılar, Bahçelievler, Esenler and Güngören. He was captured in September 2000. He continued his revolutionary life in prison for ten years. He has acted on the line to turn the dungeons into centers of resistance and revolutionary schools of our Party. He studied Marxist-Leninist classics, as well as history and philosophy. Together with his comrades he used the classics and the party press effectively as an educational tool.
When he was released from prison, he followed without hesitation the decisions of the communist vanguard. In 2011 he became a student of the comrades Yeliz Erbay and Hüseyin Akçiçek at the Hüseyin Demircioğlu Academy. He was part of one of the first platoon of our party to Rojava. He fought on different fronts in Rojava. In October 2014, he moved with comrade Sibel Bulut to Kobanê to answer the call of Kobanê and lead the party forces. In Kobanê, he became the nightmare of the horde of torturers, fascists, misogynists and rapists named IS. The IS has targeted him in his publications and set a high bounty on him. Comrade Taylan moved to the areas where the war continued after the liberation of Kobanê. Within the YPG he commanded the war and the armed forces as a commander of heavy weapons along the border.
In a letter he wrote to the party leadership on March 21, 2015, he said, "From now on, I would like to continue my struggle in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, with both the training I received in the mountains and the practical experience which I have won from Rojava ".
Due to his specialization and special abilities in relation to certain weapons, he was assigned to Kurdistan Rural Unit with the aim of contributing to the united struggle in this field. He was in the Dersim-Mountains in August 2016. He participated in the command of the FESK Kurdistan Rural Unit (KKB) led by comrade Hüseyin Akçiçek. After the immortality of comrade İrfan Gerçek, he led the unit until his death as commander of the FESK-KKB.
Comrade Hıdır Çallı, who chose Özkan Aslan as the name of the party and was known to our peoples in the war fields as Pirdoğan Kızılbaş, was born on 14 August 1983 in the village of Uzuntarla in Dersim.

His party life began in 2005 in the district of Gazi in Istanbul and immortalized on July 10, 2019 in Dersim. After years of diverse practices and militia actions, from illegal demonstrations to penalization actions, free propaganda and mass work, he has taken his place among the vanguard comrades who have rushed to Kobanê after the party's call. His time in Rojava began in October 2014 and after the liberation of Kobanê, he continued in Cizire. He fought on different fronts. In the same years he had taken on revolutionary tasks in South Kurdistan and Sinjar.
He fought on all fronts as an excited, daring guerrilla fighter. In his application to the party on 17 April 2014, Comrade Özkan Aslan said: "The process touches me deeply ... I would like to be an answer to what the fascist dictatorship has done to our peoples and especially to the oppressed Kurdish people. I want to demand the accountability of our heroic martyrs. For this purpose, I want to blow myself up in the enemy's brain. I insist on giving me this order. I respectfully bow to all the martyrs of the Party and the Revolution. I greet my party and my comrades"and volunteered for the FESK-Kurdistan Rural Unit in Dersim. He was in the Dersim Mountains in August 2016. In his personal development report written in March 2017, he said, "When I arrived in Dersim, the martyrdom of Arjin after Baran and Devrim intensified my hatred of the enemy. It has taught me to develop and become stronger and more determined", "I promise to become a Baran, a Devrim and an Arjin" and after emphasizing the great impact of the 3-month winter camp training, he said "I have understood and learned how a revolutionary must guide his feelings", "formerly I could not spend 24 hours in a locked area, but today I know that I could stay for months."
In his practice in Dersim, he has come to the forefront as a brave communist guerrilla fighter, demonstrating a high level of resilience and combat readiness against the enemy's encirclement. He has successfully fulfilled all the duties of a guerrilla fighter, without distinguishing between the size and importance of the tasks.
Comrades Adil and Ozkan were unbreakable barricades, insurmountable mountains of the FESK-Kurdistan Rural Unit, when on 13 December 2018 a 9-day attack by fascist, denier colonialism on the winter quarters of the Communist guerrillas began and was defeated in a legendary resistance. They had again proved their daring, their attachment to our immortals, their sacrifice and their clear belief in the revolution under the most unfavorable conditions, and had once again become an invincible weapon.
Our Party will continue to uphold the banner of freedom, justice, equality of peoples and socialism, which comrades Adil Yıldırım and Özkan Aslan raised with courage and honour, in the most difficult conditions, at a time when resentment, despair, surrender to individual worries and fears spread; it will continue to strengthen its will and action to be a sacrificial troop of the revolution against the fascist political-Islamic chief regime. As a party of Taylans and Hıdırs, we will not stop for a moment turning the commitment to the immortals into the brightest quality of the communist vanguard.
All leaders of the fascist, political-Islamic chief regime and all fascist militaristic forces bombarding the mountains with their combat airplanes day and night; committing massacres based on their supremacy of weapons and technological advantages; spreading torture, abductions and detention terror in cities and attempting massacres, shall know that our party remains firmly attached to its goal of demanding accountability for their crimes and will not stop call them to account for the murder of revolutionary fighters and for the oppression suffered by workers, women, youth and poor.
Comrades Taylan and Hıdır are immortal!
Glory to FESK! Glory to the FESK Kurdistan Rural Unit!
The only way is the revolution, long live socialism!
For the victory of the revolution, long live the MLKP!
July 19, 2019
Central Committee