The labouring humanity shall celebrate the victory of Kobane!
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26. January 2015 / Central Comitee / Year: 2015 No: 2


The break of the fascist political Islamist ISIS’s siege in Kobane, the forefront of Rojava revolution, and the freeing of the city by the revolutionary people’s forces represents the nicest present to our immortals. The flag waving in Mistenur hill is a new example that the hope cannot be defeated and is a smile on the faces of Paramaz, Cudi, Algan, Diyar, Arin, Kader, Tekosin and Sarya, those who shed their blood on the Kobane soils.


The Rojava revolution, which gained strength and moral with the victory of Kobane, is still continuing. And the Rojava revolution is still under the encirclement of fascist ISIS, regional colonial states, ruling bourgeois powers and imperialists, those who dream of the liquidation of democratic people’s choice. The conflict between the front of labouring people’s and the front of enemies is still continuing and will continue.


The responsibility of all workers, women, youth, the poor and oppressed, who demand freedom, justice and equality of people, in supporting the fight -that has been conducted for the victory of Rojava revolution, freedom of Shengal and recognition of self-determination right of Yezidis- is still there. We believe the solidarity of the oppressed will reach new dimensions, the Kobane victory will spread step by step, the people of the region those who are thirsty for freedom and an honourable life, initially the Palestinian people, will reach their revolutionary goals.        


The day is the day for people those who have been forced to go in exile to return back to Kobane. The day is the day for revolutionary, anti-fascist parties and organisations, democratic mass organisations in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan to increase their solidarity in defence and building of Rojava revolution, and Shengal resistance.  


Glory to the sons and daughters of our people those who became immortal in Kobane!

Glory to the warriors those who freed Kobane!

Long live the free Kobane and Rojava revolution!


MLCP Central Comitee

26 January 2015