One fist, one barricade against MESS!
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23. January 2015 / Central Comitee / Year: 2015 No: 1


In this periods group agreement, MESS, the enemy of the working class and labourers, have forced on metal workers the more exploitation and to take back-step during collective agreement. The Turkish Metal Union, a servant of capital, declared that it accepts these conditions. The pro-boss union, Celik-Is , has also choose to follow same path.


Metal workers United Metal-Is, whose democratic consciousness is developed and of which affiliated by workers willing to struggle, has announced that they will not bow their head to the enforcements of cheap labour and 3 years of collective agreements rather than 2 years. It has declared the workers in 42 factories and work places will go on strike on 29 January 2015.

The strike by metal workers is a just, compulsory and honourable action. It success will be the success of all metal workers, the working class and all oppressed under the economic and political repression of capitalist system and fascist regime.


Unionised or not unionised, all metal workers, the working class of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, the youth, women, labourer civil servants, urban and rural poor, intellectuals and artists must support the strike led by United Metal-Is and increase the United struggle for its success.

Lets support the metal workers through different methods of struggle such as visiting picket areas, demonstrations on streets and neighbourhoods, actions in front of the MESS, rallies during shifts, sitting-down actions on main streets, work stoppage, work delay and boycott. By sharing our bread and food, lets stand heart to heart, shoulder to shoulder with striking workers and their families. Lets flagship the honour, solidarity, fraternalism and comradeship...   


Down with the capitalist exploitation system!

Long live the just and honourable strike of the metal workers!

Long live the united struggle of workers and the oppressed!


23 January 2015

MLCP Central Comitee