Comrade Oğuz Saruhan is immortal! The victory for the freedom and honour fighters and our people is close!
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31 December 2014 /Central Comitee / Year: 2014 No: 8


The Rojava revolution and the Kobane resistance is marching towards victory with our immortals. The fight on behalf of all toiling humanity against the fascist religious ISIS is growing with new heroism. Following the comrade Sibel Bulut, Oguz Karahan (named Algan Zafir in the party), who joined the immortals of Rojava revolution and Kobane resistance, fell on the ground as an appeal to the youth of Turkey and Kurdistan: “be free in the battle fields”. He was a socialist patriot, a communist worker as Yilmaz Selcuk and Serkan Tosun, those who became immortal in Kurdistan soils. He run to Kobane at the beginning of his Party membership and with new responsibilities. He once again showed the rightness of trust on him at the defence of Rojava revolution.

All parties, organisations and groups from labourer left of Turkey and Nrthern Kurdistan should know that the recklessness towards Rojava revolution and Kobane resistance is an escape from one of the actual political tasks. The recklessness towards the Rojava revolution and Kobane resistance is recklessness on the united revolution of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan. It is an recklessness on the struggle against AKP , the people’s enemy. It is recklessness towards national freedom demand of our Kurdish people. It is recklessness towards regional revolutionary tasks.

The victory of the fight against the fascist religious ISIS and the imperialists and people’s enemy regional states, who gave birth to or indirectly supported the ISIS, will be the gain of all labourer peoples, and will accelerate the revolutionary development in the region. Turkish, Arab, Turkmen and Persian people and national communities must be shoulder to shoulder with Rojava revolution and Kobane resistance in this just war, revolutionary and anti-fascist forces must fulfil their responsibilities by raising the flag of freedom and honour.

As the sacrifice section of the liberation of working class and the oppressed, our Party will adhere to the memories and ideals of Serkan Tosun, Suphi Nejat Agirnasli, Sibel Bulut and Oguz Saruhan, and will continue to increase the revolutionary fight.

31. December 2014

MLCP Central Comitee