Glory to the Rojava-revolution!
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29. January 2014 / Central Commitee / Statement / Year: 2014 / Nr. 1

We greet the regional self-governments proclaimed in the smaller part of Kurdistan, in Rojava, Cizîre, Kobanê and Efrin. To the working people it is a joy and an achievement, that the colonial oppression of national identity and language has been smashed and that, based on the rights of the regional peoples, democratic political structures have been founded.


The new foray of the Rojava-revolution will give strength to the Middle East people, and to the fermenting revolutionary struggles. We call every revolutionary, antifascist and anticolonialist, above all those of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, to fulfill the purposes of internalising the democratic governments in Cizîre, Kobanê and Efrin and of the Rojava-revolution. Our party will continue its advocacy of securing the achievements, of smashing completely the colonial oppression and of the Rojava-revolution.


Bimre Koletî Bijî Azadî!

Şehîd Namirin! Thousands greeting to the immortal of the Rojava-revolution!

Equal rights for the nations and languages!

Long live proletarian internationalism!


29th January 2014

MLCP Central Committee