To our Peoples!
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15 August 2013 /No 4/  MLCP Central Committee

In Rojava hope is growing in the middle of blood and gunpowder. The flag of freedom, equality and brotherhood of the peoples is fluttering everywhere. There is heroic resistance against the plans of the Turkish bourgeoisie, NATO and the collaborationist Free Syrian Army to throw the Rojava Revolution off course or crush it. The brave women and men filled with love for freedom are giving life to the line of labouring solution with their blood. They are giving power and moral to all those in the world fighting against exploitation, oppression, social injustices and national and sexual yoke.
With all our heart we are with the national democratic revolution and the people's power in Rojava. Even if very very limited today, it is on honour for us to support it in practice. We enthusiastically salute the independent people's line of the Rojava Revolution being applied against the polarization of the imperialists, the bourgeois Turkish state and the people's enemy collaborationist Free Syrian Army on one hand and the bourgeois colonialist ruling power on the other hand. This is the line of equality and brotherhood of all peoples and national communities in the whole region, first of all of the peoples of Syria. It is the line of trust in the power of the labourers and oppressed. We do not have any doubt in its correctness and that this line will win victory.
We are calling upon the workers, youth, women, labourers, small shopkeepers, peasants, intellectuals and artists in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan to the most intensive solidarity with the people and administration of Rojava. You can fulfil your duty of solidarity and support for Rojava sending medicine, food and clothes, going to Rojava assuming duties in the defence of the revolution, filling the gaps of lacking doctors and other health labourers, joining the work of economic and social construction, participating in the work of making known the reality of Rojava to the broadest masses.
To support the Rojava Revolution means to support dignity and freedom. It means supporting the June Uprising which broke out in the Gezi Park in Istanbul and its demands and longings. It means supporting the struggle for the overthrow of the rule of imperialists and collaborators in the Middle East and Near East. It means supporting the longings of the Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic peoples and the other national communities to live free and fraternal in regional democratic or socialist federations. It means supporting the struggle of the workers, youth, women, unemployed, the poor in the cities and countryside in Egypt and Tunisia, in Greece and Spain, in Colombia, Philippines, in India and Nepal. Let us strengthen the struggle against imperialism, NATO collaborators and colonialist regional rulers supporting the revolution in Rojava and contributing to its victory. Let us unleash the freedom's struggle in every inch of the Middle East and Near East.

Glory to the Rojava revolution!
Long live the Rojava People's Power!
Down with imperialism and regional colonialism!
Long live equality, brotherhood and the united struggle of the peoples!

August 15, 2013

Turkey/Northern Kurdistan
Central Committee