The Martyrs of Paris are Immortal!
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11 January 2013 /Central Committee 

Increase the Fight against Colonialism Based on Denial!

Immigrant Labourers, Women and Youth from Kurdistan and Turkey!
Paris has been blood-stained. Sakine Cansız, one of the symbols of the struggle against colonialism based on denial, and two female comrades of her have been assassinated. We are in deep pain. However, it should be known that our anger is bigger, stronger and sharper than our pain.
Yet the blood of the martyrs of Paris was still wet when AKP started an ignominious campaign of demagogy peculiar to fascism. It spewed poisonous lies such as "This is an internal conflict of PKK ". It directed the Turkish bourgeois media in this manner.
Yet in vain!
A fascist psychological war based on lies cannot obscure the reality.
This is a counter-guerrilla assassination. The perpetrators are the denialist-colonialist Turkish bourgeois state and the AKP. The murderers are the triggermen of the counter-guerrilla of the state. They are those head-and-ear-hunters.
Whoever has the blood of the 34 Kurdish peasants of Roboski, most of them children or youngsters, on his hands has the blood of the martyrs of Paris on his hands, too. Whoever is responsible for the assassination of ten guerrillas, among them HPG Military Council member and Amed Province Commander Ertem Karabulut, through chemical weapons only 11 days ago is responsible for the Paris massacre, too.
This fascist colonialist attack has been directed against our Kurdish people's longing for national freedom and equality. Those bullets have been fired against the Kurdish national democratic demands. What was wanted to be annihilated in the name of the martyrs of Paris was the demands of recognition of the national existence, education in the mother tongue, right to politics under the national identity and the freedom of the prisoners of war. Our Kurdish patriotic comrades Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Saylemez were the voice, will and trench of those aspirations and demands.
Brothers and sisters!
Denialist-colonialist fascist Turkish bourgeois state and AKP aimed at creating fear among the Kurdish popular masses by Roboski. And they aim at creating preoccupations and introversion among the Kurdish patriotic cadres through the Paris assassination. They want to break the insistence on national democratic demands. They are so helpless and miserable. They have been defeated despite the children's bodies blown to pieces in Roboski; they will get defeated in the case of Paris, too.
The unity of national democratic will and the patriotic struggle will succeed in frustrating the denialist-colonialist plans of the Turkish bourgeois state and AKP.
Immigrant men and women of our peoples!
Comrades Sakine, Fidan and Leyla have joined the unyielding immortals of Paris. They walked towards the eternity by passing the flag of struggle on to the labourers and the oppressed. Hold that flag high!
Unite, get organised and fight against the fascist dictatorship, denialist-colonialism and its bloody sword AKP. Take responsibility for bringing antifascist/anti-chauvinist unity into reality in Europe. Strengthen the honour and freedom fight on the mountains and in the cities of Kurdistan and Turkey; support it by all your body and soul. The pain of the Paris assassination can be relieved only in this manner. We can pay our debt to the martyrs of Paris only by this way!


Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Saylemez are Immortal!
Şehid Namirin!*
Down with Denialist-Colonialist Fascist Dictatorship!
Long Live the Union of Peoples' Republics of the Workers-Labourers!
The Only Way is Revolution; Long Live Socialism!

January 11, 2013
Central Committee

* - "The martyrs do not die!" in Kurdish