“Yılmaz” from the Generation of Victories Lives in our Revolutionary Fight!
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10 December 2012 /Central Committee


With strict loyalty to his goals and invulnerable determination, we commemorate our comrade, member of our party, young fighter Yilmaz Selcuk, who has become immortal during the preparations of war.
We sent comrade Yilmaz, "Özgür" of his party, to eternity, at a very young age, at which he would contribute a lot to the struggle with his dedication, clear will, revolutionary imagination, capabilities and level of preparation.
Comrade Ozgur passed the flag of revolution quietly to his comrades on December 10, 2010. Due to the secrecy of the revolutionary preparations, his immortality and his funeral was not disclosed until today to our peoples. His comrades, workers and the oppressed were not able to cry out his name and carry his photos at commemorative actions for the martyrs. However, his memory and his ideals always echoed nearby the actions and strengthened determination and resolution for the fight. He showed the way as the commander of the orientation of raising the bar of political fight to new levels.
Comrade Yilmaz Selcuk was born on November 18, 1988 in Istanbul as the son of a working family from Sivas, from our Kurdish people and from Allevite belief. At home, he already became familiar with revolutionary people at an early age. He lived his 22-year short life fully until he became immortal as the revolutionary son of his family and our people.
He met the communist vanguard in the summer of 2007, in a difficult time, while the hard clash between the dictatorship and our party was continuing. This, however, did not made him step back. He felt a deep hatred for the fascist regime and the police terror. As a young worker, who had worked in printworks and textile mills, he turned his face step by step towards a life on the model of Ali Haydar.
Short after he provided contact, he started to participate regularly in the work and to take on small responsibilities. When the person, who had brought him up with the party, succumbed to the system, he did not; and on the contrary, he even accelerated his pace. He became the driving force of the work group at his region. With his simplicity, sincerity, sedulity, discipline and his sense of responsibility, he performed a fast development as a young communist who was liked and trusted. In November 2007 and on the anniversary of the Prison Massacre of December 19 , 2000 , he took new steps with militia actions.
In the summer of 2008, he decided to live as a professional (dedicated) revolutionary.
From that day on, he directed all his life towards this target. He came to the fore in the political work. He concretised his identity of being a party member at a new level. He expressed his desire for joining the political-military work. That same year, he quickened this orientation by taking on tasks in another part of the city.
Until the day of becoming immortal, he struggled with indefatigable sedulity, with a conscious going clearer and a growing conviction. He went forward on the line of learning to fight and fighting to learn. He prepared himself to new tasks and responsibilities. The revolutionary work in the working quarters, the celebrations of Mayday 2009 and 2010 and the protests against the IMF witnessed the rapid and stable development of comrade Yilmaz. In the same years, the young communist fighter participated in various military operations and illegal demonstrations on various policy issues, both as a fighter and as a commander. He organised an armed demonstration when the TEKEL workers were attacked by the police. He was in a bomb attack on a building of AKP when the miners were buried alive in Zonguldak. He responded the Mavi Marmara massacre of Zionist Israel with a military action against a company owned by that state.
The decisions, perspectives and goals of our 4th Congress were implemented in the understanding and practice of comrade Yilmaz. In the area in which he took over responsibilities in 2010, the work was characterised by the use of legal and illegal, peaceful and violent, armed and unarmed forms of struggle with same consciousness and determination and with same seriousness and will of achieving concrete results. He performed the initiative of implementation which corresponded with the necessities of the planned organizational structure.
Recognizing no obstacles, the spirit of nailing results, eagerness to learn and the revolutionary courage were the developing properties of comrade Yilmaz. He concentrated on all his duties with the same seriousness without choosing between big or small, important or unimportant. One can say that militancy is the term that characterises thoroughly his entire revolutionary life. You would never have difficulty in seeing that comrade Yilmaz puts his entire mind and heart into it, or else, in seeing his militancy, in his work among the masses, in the organizational work, in the distribution of publications, while cleaning the office, when organizing meetings, on the way to the meetings, at political-military actions and in illegal demonstrations.
Not being smashed under lack of power and opportunities and to concentrate on overcoming this was among the characteristics of comrade Yilmaz. He had a high strength to fight against difficulties. An aspect of his revolutionary life and work was to put a clear line of distinction with those whose revolutionary performance is only in words and those surrendering before hopelessness and not to let them become obstacles and traps in front of the struggle.
Comrade Yilmaz was full of affection towards workers and labourers exactly as much as the anger he had against the exploiters and fascist oppressors. The workers and labourers in his workplace liked him a lot. They would always show their concerns about questions like if he has eaten or not, if he has hard-wearing shoes or not, if he has sufficient clothes or not etc. He would not let all these relations get personalised and he would perform great efforts and resolution for turning these into a collective spirit and practice.
The conscious of legitimacy of the young fighter was high. You could see this in his relation with the masses, in various revolutionary activities and in different moments where he faced the enemy.
In the process of preparation for war, comrade Yilmaz had been a hard-working, dynamic, enthusiastically learning, successful student and labourer, cherishing dreams about the practice of struggle in the coming process. He won that trust and affection of his comrades. In an unexpected manner and moment, he passed the red flag, which he carried with honour, on to his comrades, who commonly believed that he would plant it on many posts of the enemy. Our peoples and the enemy, the fascist exploiters, saw this flag in the hands of comrade Yasemin, who was rushing from one action to another. We keep on walking ahead with the flag of revolution in our hands. And we will.
The revolutionary goals, the communist values, the fight and the dedicated posture of our party is a seedbed in which new Yilmazs and Yasemins will blossom for all fields and fronts of struggle. The terror, the laws, the prisons and the fascist psychological war of the capital, of the fascist dictatorship, of the colonialism based on denial, will find no way out in face of this seedbed.
The victory will arise in the hands of Ozkans, Yasemins and Yilmazs and will fully open the doors for a new life, for a new society.
Comrade Yilmaz is the call upon all comrades regardless of age or gender, and especially to the young men and women, to excel, to take responsibility, to implement what they have learnt and to create a climate of free-life shaped by the conscious of responsibility.
Comrade Yilmaz is the consistency of word and deed and the call for militancy.
Comrade Yilmaz is the call for reckoning with all forms of living a settled life and with revolutionary discourse without practice.
Comrade Yilmaz the call for rejecting mediocrity furiously, defeating superficiality in comradeship and strengthening the spiritual and moral unity.
Comrade Yilmaz is the call for a life entirely dedicated to the revolution.
And each and every one of those who are like Yilmaz and Yasemin is an invulnerable oath of victory for our party. We will accept no other choice in our practice but adhering strictly to this oath.


Comrade Yilmaz Selcuk is alive, MLCP is fighting!
Our immortals lead us to victory!
The only way is revolution; long live socialism!
Long live MLCP for the victory of the revolution!

December 10, 2012

Central Committee