Total resistance against total war
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Workers, labourers, women, youth, all the oppressed;

The colonialist fascist regime has been applying a new massive massacre and annihilation concept. Undoubtedly it is again the US imperialists behind the attack, as always. Iran has joined this new offence concept, too. This concept carries an international character as well as being an expression of the moves of intervention to the changing correlation of powers in the region by the reactionary regional states and at first place the United States. The offence concept of the years 1992-1993 is being continued by the AKP government through new means and methods and on a new level as a regional total war offence.
Starting from August 17, the Turkish warplanes have been bombing every day the guerrilla zones and the civilian populated areas and guerrilla's graveyards for their martyrs in these areas with a real ignominiousness and feelings of revenge and trying to prepare the conditions for a ground attack.
The Kurdish geography is being destroyed and the forests are being burnt down by bombs of thousands of tons thrown by hundreds of warplanes. Among the goals of the offence concept is organising reaction among the Kurds from Southern Kurdistan by saying that all these happen because of the PKK . As a result, a fact that shows this is that the Red Cross proposed the villagers in the Medya Defence Zones to leave their places and "live in the concentration camps".
The new offence concept of AKP, just as the previous ones, is constructed on "terror and security". The return of Erdogan to the traditional denial speech saying "There is no Kurdish question, there is a terror question; a PKK question" shows that he is becoming a Ciller-like one. Yes, as far as the AKP gains more initiative on political power, AKP and the state becomes the same. Together with the elections, the Kurdish national liberation movement and the Kurdish people have increased their political power; they have developed the solution through their own struggle and will; they made moves like the announcement of democratic autonomy etc. AKP and the regime have responded this with a new wave of attacks. It seems that the colonialist fascist regime and the AKP government cannot tolerate the Kurdish national democratic achievements and the democratic autonomy as a level of these achievements.

Turkish people;

There is nothing to win for you from the new total war by the AKP and the colonialist fascist regime against the brother Kurdish people and the Kurdish national democratic forces. Erdogan and the generals who say "There is no Kurdish question, there is terror question" are lying. Despite that the PKK has been announcing unilateral ceasefires for many years and that the Kurdish people always raise the flag of peace, the only response of the government and the generals to this was continuous operations and broad and massive arrest and imprisonments. And this is a pogrom and liquidation attack which continues to happen. You must know that Kurdistan, Kurdish nation, PKK etc. are the realities of this region. You can nowhere by denying these facts.
The bloody-handed murderer Prime Minister Erdogan who supposedly condemns the violence by the state forces in Libya and Syria deems any kind of attack and massacre proper when it comes to the Kurds. This is how democrat and Muslim are Erdogan and the AKP. The attacks on the guerrilla zones and the killing of 7 civilians from one family, with one baby and 4 children, are expressions of this. The last offence concept includes ground attack, occupation of the guerrilla zones and the possibility of a new chemical massacre. The fact that the AKP puts the Sri Lanka example and a ground attack into discussion through the media and thus tries to create social legitimacy to mass massacres and genocide is an expression of insistence on this murderous policy and dirty war. You have nothing and can never have anything to win as the Turkish people by this murderous denial policy, the dirty war that is being carried out insistently and so much destruction caused of it for many years and the massacre of the Kurdish people.
When will you hold the hand given you by the Kurdish people for peace and brotherhood, if not right now? When will you be the address for the solution of the Kurdish question? Is it not clear that your silence and even approval of the denial does not fit any brotherhood and equal relations?

Kurdish people;

MLCP salutes the resistance that you raise and increase against the attacks of the AKP government which means the announcement of a new war against the guerrilla as well as you. The AKP government backed by the US imperialism has started a new war instead of taking steps to solve the problem. You see very clearly that the guerrilla and the Medya Defence Zones which is targeted and tried to be terminated by cross-border attacks, ground attacks and occupations is your own will and future. The fact that you rounded the guerrilla zones with barricades made of human is an expression of this. It is you who knows the best that the colonialist fascist enemy is locked on creating a break in the guerrilla zones and ventures any kind of ignominy and attack for this aim. The human shields organised by the Peace Mothers and those of the patriotic youth in Southern Kurdistan that continues in three groups with great determination and the mass rallies for peace organised by DTK from 16 cities towards the borders do not only show that the danger is so vital, but also express your strength of purpose, your insistence and political awareness as a nation who have sacrificed so much from itself. Yes, the guerrilla yet continues to be the insurance of all the national democratic achievements of the Kurdish people. Guerrilla is the name of resistance, insurrection and honour; it is a great achievement for all of us and for all the oppressed.

Revolutionary and progressive people, comrades;

The new concept of war of the AKP government does not only target the Kurdish people, the guerrilla forces and the PKK but also all the democratic and revolutionary forces in Turkey and in the region, the Turkish people and the peoples of the region. All the social dynamics are the targets of the new pogrom and the annihilation attacks. The offence is on all of us. It is our future being bombed. It is our revolutionary will they are trying to break and make yield.
Let's increase the total resistance against the concept of total colonialist war and destroy the plans of the colonialist fascist dictatorship, AKP and their master USA! Let's join the human shields of the Peace Mothers to defend the guerrilla and Medya Defence Zones through barricades made of human bodies!
Let's turn the borders into squares of action and resistance and stop the ground attack for which they are getting prepared at full speed! Let's raise the Kurdish national freedom against the colonialist yoke and the colonialist dirty war on the World Peace Day September 1st through broad and effective actions, demonstrations and resistances! Let's respond the new arrest and imprisonments with strong resistances in streets! Let's turn Turkey into the second front of war to not let those insisting on dirty war take a breath in the West! Let's burn the streets for the national freedom of the Kurdish people as well as our own future and freedom!

Down with the colonialist fascist dictatorship! Peace, equality, brotherhood and freedom for the Kurdish nation!