Ali Bugün
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Ali Bugün
1956 - 13 June 2004

On June 13, 2004, our party MLCP lost comrade Ali Bugun, a brave militant, militant and member and the Kurdish and Turkish peoples a communist fighter. He spent 33 years of his 48 years lifetime, 14 years in prison and 24 years without any official ID. He was an internationalist revolutionary personality dedicating all his life to the revolution and socialism, paying a lot for his belief, facing torture and prisons, but never gave up.
Comrade Ali had shown his militancy yet in the 1980ies fighting at the barricades of the Corum resistance. He showed his unbreakable will also after the military fascist coup on September 1980, a period when the revolutionary struggle declined by taking over leading duties and commanderships at the highest rank within the organisation he was fighting for. During the organisational struggle he was carrying out against the fascist dictatorship, he was taken hostaged by the enemy and was imprisoned for 7 years in total in Istanbul-Metris and Ankara-Mamak, some years in solitary confinement. Then, he continued with his revolutionary struggle in the Middle East. With the conscious that the struggle for revolution and socialism demands sacrifices everywhere, he was detained in Syria for 7 years in total, and many years were under isolation conditions.
Comrade Ali didn't remain inactive in prison. He closely followed, analysed and drew conclusions of the developments all over the world, in our country and the Middle East. He felt the struggle of the peoples of the Middle East and especially the Palestinian people's struggle in his heart, and for this reason he learned 6 languages.
Comrade Ali contributed to translate the novel "Kudüs Topragi" into Turkish that describes the pain, hope and resistances the Palestinian people are living as well as to write the book "The truth of Intifada" which is broadly analysing the Palestinian Intifada and which is an important source book. When our party started to contact him in prison in Syria and provided him with literature, he became a party activist to be considered as an example closely watching and analysing the development of the party and informing the party on what he watched. When comrade Ali who wasn't registered for many years in the prisons of Syria reaction started a struggle from insight the prisons and this united with the party's efforts outside the prison, Syria reaction had to accept their detention and had to take them to their fake High Security Courts.
Comrade Ali was released in August 2003, he put forth an effort to convey the party to the Middle East. He translated the party's international publications into Arabic and provided the organisations in the Middle East with them. Altogether 14 years of prison didn't break his will; on the contrary he honed his determination. However, during the long years behind bars he got cancer and unfortunately the illness had affected already his whole body and started to affect his life. As he didn't take his illness serious until then and also didn't let anyone feel that he's sick. Even when his illness became more and more serious, he carried out his duties as a militant of our party being responsible for the international relations showing interest in the revolutions in Latin America and Asia and with the conscious of having the duty of working for the International Bureau.
Comrade Ali lost his life on June 13, 2004 in the Netherlands where he had come to receive medical treatment. He left behind a life full of struggle and ÖRNEK. He was buried next to the monuments of those antifascists and communists who died in the fight against Hitler fascism. Our party that was strengthened through his efforts continues its march under fire in the fight for revolution even stronger. The ideals of him and the other martyrs will definitely be realised, the red flag of our party will undoubtedly be waved all over Turkey and Northern Kurdistan. You were proud of your party. And your party is proud of you.
Ente Fi Nidaluna. (You are in our struggle.)