Revolt for equality and freedom on March 8 and March 21!
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01 March 2011 /MLCP Central Committtee


People's movements starting from Africa and spreading over the Middle East shake the reactionary dictatorial regimes and force them for a change. Millions of people who take to the streets against prise increases and corruption, for freedom and justice, destroy the status quo continuing for tens of years.
Poverty, unemployment, misery, price increases and deep social inequalities make life unbearable in our region, too. The neoliberal policies of the government of AKP aggravates the working and living conditions. The government of AKP and Erdogan, collaborators of the US and EU imperialists, act in full hypocrisy by supporting the fight of the revolting peoples in words, urging the prime ministers of these countries to resign. They do not hesitate, however, to attack in an unbridled manner against our peoples who take to the streets with the same demands.
These current affairs have already deepened the elements of struggle of March right along with the historical dynamics of this month. Our peoples will join the wave of revolt with their demonstrations and serhildan s in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan.
The fact that the Kurdish people continue with their resistance for national democratic solution pressures the colonialist regime and increases its internal tension.
When the determination of struggle and the will of unity of the oppressed gender and the oppressed nation materialise, the spring weather rising from our region will carry a new breath and new veins of life from this part of the earth to the oppressed of the world.
This united struggle of the oppressed will be a source of inspiration for the awakening of the Turkish working and labouring masses.
The determined unity of the oppressed nation and gender will be a milestone in the march of the Kurdish national liberationist revolution towards victory.

Women of all nations and national minorities;
Let's unite our power on March 8, International Working Women's Day, in order to form women's barricades against poverty, unemployment, violence by the state - husbands - fathers and brothers, chastity murders, being treated as second-class people and the reactionary patriarchal mentality imposing slavery.
The history of the women that set off with the demands for "bread and peace" and created revolutions is ours. Their demands are still the current demands of the women of this region. Now it is time to flow to the streets for freedom and equality standing on this historical experience.

Poor peoples and women of Anatolia;
Pull down the chauvinist-nationalist walls between you and the Kurdish people's national liberationist resistance now!
Hear the voice of the Kurdish people rising from assassinations, burned villages, common graves and serhildans now!
Tear away the curtain of lies that leaves you blind and deaf now!
Defend the demand for a solution raised by the Kurdish people for the future of their own nation!
Fulfil your responsibilities for a labourers' solution to the Kurdish question! The national liberation of the Kurdish people serves your freedom and humanly living, too!
Revolt on the day of Newroz shoulder to shoulder with the Kurdish people against fascism and colonialism, "for reason in revolt now thunders, and at last ends the age of cant"! Stand in international solidarity with the peoples of the Middle East, so that the oppressors tremble with fear and the oppressed gain strength!

Dignified Kurdish women, brave Kurdish people!
The 8th of March and the Day of Newroz call upon you for new serhildans against the attacks of the government of AKP, of the colonialist regime and imperialism.
You surmounted the slavery imposed by colonialism. Long ago you have left behind your oppressed and suppressed reality. You have re-created yourselves. Now it is time to carry this forward!
Revolt in order to impose your solution to those who deny your will, to conquer your freedom and to establish the justice of the oppressed!
MLCP celebrates your Day of March 8 and Newroz and calls upon you to increase the struggle and resistance on March 8 and March 21, Newroz!

Take to the streets with the spirit of revolt of women and Newroz on March 8 and March 21!

March 2011
MLCP Central Committee