Message of the 2nd European Conference of MCLP to the European communists and revolutionaries
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March 2010 / 2nd European Conference of MLCP 

Revolutionary friends, comrades-in-arm,

Our 2nd European Conference that has been celebrated in the territories of Europe, where the crisis of imperialist capitalism is felt most considerably with its economical, social and political dimensions and the working class and labourers face heavy attacks, salutes you with the militant revolutionary determination of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan.


The importance of the actual tasks of the revolutionary struggle has increased so much more in Europe where today millions of workers and labourers from Turkey and Kurdistan live. And this concrete situation puts important duties upon the shoulders of the organised immigrant communists. Therefore, the increasing responsibilities provide us the role of being the subjects of a historical and political intervention.
Our Conference calls upon the workers and labourers from Turkey and Northern Kurdistan to their duties of common struggle together with the native workers and labourers against the imperialist monopolies. Besides our political and organisational problems, our Conference has also discussed the problems of the youth, women's and class struggles' problems and has produced solutions. It has dealt with the tasks of the actual revolutionary struggle against the bourgeois political powers of the imperialist capitalism and has decided once more that we should participate actively in the class struggle. It has pointed out that it is necessary to combine the task of increasing the common struggle against imperialist reaction in Europe with the influence of the revolutionary struggle in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan and with the power of its achievements. By this way, more advanced and concrete contributions can be offered to the revolution of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan and the internationalist character of the struggle will be materialised.
Our discussions that we carried out in a revolutionary way in our 2nd European Conference has taken our struggle out of being in a supporting position. It has both taken important decisions in terms of supporting the revolution in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan and developed the perspective of participation in the revolutionary struggle in Europe with an internationalist point of view. It has defined once more that the condition for developing and reproducing revolutionary positions is active participation in the class struggle in the countries where we live.
We want to carry out this struggle together with you. We believe that this point of view of us will increase your determination in creating the native communist parties that will be the highest expression of the class struggle in Europe. We will canalize immigrant workers and labourers to the formation of the communist party that will be the highest political and organisational expression of the native working class, of which the immigrant workers are a part.
We call upon the European revolutionaries and communists to analyse the political and organisational decisions that we have taken and to struggle together. We salute you once more and we wish you success.

Long live Marxism-Leninism!
Long live proletarian internationalism!
Down with capitalism, long live socialism!

2nd European Conference of MLCP