Call of the 2nd European Conference
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2nd European Conference of MLCP


Workers, labourers, oppressed immigrants,


The 2nd European Conference of our MLCP has been held successfully in March 2010. Our 2nd European Conference that was organised under the leadership of our European Committee and on the direction of our 4th Congress' decisions and perspectives of organisational leap forward and structural transformation has developed the unity of language and thinking concerning our organisational questions and questions of the political struggle and it has strengthened our collective will. It has a political and historical importance for our work in Europe that our 2nd European Party Conference has been held under the conditions where the imperialist bourgeoisie culminates its attacks of disorganising the working class and the oppressed peoples and imposes ideological, political and organisational liquidationism.


After the "internal discussion process" carried out in written and spoken means by the active participation of all our organised forces as active collective individuals, our 2nd European Party Conference has been celebrated as a revolutionary action of turning "internal struggle" into a source of strength, where the conscious of socialist democracy has been developed. It started with a moment of silence in memory of Erkut Direkci, Ali Bugün, Hasan Arslan, Sakine Tolu, Erol Ispir and Sefer Senturk, who have lost their lives in Europe, on behalf of all the martyrs of revolution and socialism. The Conference was realised under the controlling look of our fallen comrades before the banners written "2nd European Conference of MLCP", "Long Live Proletarian Internationalism", "Glory to Our 4th Congress", the photos of comrades Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin at first place, of Rosa and Karl and moreover, of M. Suphi, Ibrahim, Deniz, Mahir, Mazlun Dogan, Irfan, Adil, Hayrabet Honca, who are the milestones of our march towards the future and our sources of inspiration, and of other martyred comrades. Our 2nd Conference that was celebrated with the participation of elected delegates representing each organisation of the party in Europe was opened with a speech made in the name of the party.


Our 2nd European Party Conference discussed our party work in Europe in many aspects, at first place our political and organisational development strategy, the problems of organisation and cadres, the work among the workers, youth and women, and it has decided our perspectives for the coming period. It has developed our culture of socialist democracy and internal discussion and it has played an important role in terms of developing the collective thinking of the party organisations and militants in our work in Europe.


Our 2nd European Party Conference  has drawn attention to the fact that the alternative of socialism becomes actual together with the deepening economic crisis of the imperialist-capitalist system, that the search for a "new" or "another world" is getting strength, that the class contradictions are sharpening and getting harder and that the united attacks of the imperialist bourgeoisie against the working class and the labourers, including both native and immigrant ones, are increasing. It has decided to necessarily develop the organisational strategy and increase the level of organisations and cadres under these conditions where the opportunities of the working class and the labourers for struggling against these attacks are increasing, the international content of revolutionary action is developing even further, the bourgeois states develop and legitimate racism and discrimination, fascist repression and attacks and the dynamics of the antifascist movement and the united struggle of revolutionary and socialist forces are strengthening.


Our 2nd European Party Conference has given importance to the struggle against neoliberal attacks, against layoffs, against reduction of social rights, against heavy working conditions and long working ours, against the policies of low salaries, for the voting rights of the immigrants, against racist and discriminative laws against them and against the increasing fascist movement, within the context of the class struggle in European territories that continues increasingly.


Our 2nd European Party Conference  has defined many tasks concerning actual political struggle such as struggling for an end to the attacks under the name of the "anti-terror laws" against the right to speech, association and action and for the abolition of the EU list of "terrorist organisations", taking to the streets against outsourcing, mobilising itself against militarism, wars and occupations, struggling for an end to deportations of immigrants and to the violation of the right to move freely, demanding equal pay for equal work, struggling against gender discrimination and violence against women, struggling against nuclear waste and environmental pollution etc.


Our 2nd European Party Conference  has stressed that our intervention in the political struggle should not be limited with our mass base and it has drawn attention to the necessity to get professionalised in a policy making style that is addressed to broad masses of the immigrants. It has stressed that the call of our 4th Congress to become the leading one at all levels does not express transition to be the one organising the political movement of our forces only, but the political struggle of all the workers and labourers from Turkey and Northern Kurdistan. It has discussed the situation of our work among the masses in many aspects and it has considered our problematic points in this field as serious.


Our 2nd European Party Conference has saluted the decision of our 4th Congress to give autonomy again to our work of KGO (Communist Youth Organisation) in Europe and saluted also the level of "women's dawn" of our work among labouring women. It has decided to organise the work at a higher level under the light of these decisions and to give special importance to young comrades and female comrades in organisations and the formation of cadres.


Our 2nd European Party Conference  has strongly stressed the necessity of being the subject of the class struggle in the fields where we carry out an organised struggle, the duty of reflecting the knowledge and experience of our party on unity concerning the formation and the construction of the working class' parties and organisations and the tasks in this ambit. It has drawn attention to the responsibilities that these tasks put on the shoulders of our party.


Our 2nd European Party Conference has laid special emphasis on and has drawn attention to the importance of the tasks of all the forces of our work in Europe before the united revolution of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, which are to be turned into consciousness, of increasing the interest and sensitivity in this field and of corresponding to the necessities of the class struggle.


Our 2nd European Party Conference has been the socialist platform of revolutionary, lively, dynamic, educative, changing, transforming and comradely discussions, of internal struggle, critique and self-critique. It has been a platform developing the revolutionary comradeship relations, struggling frontally against mistakes and deficiencies and strengthening the consciousness of revolutionary duties and responsibilities. Our Conference has been a call for transformation and reconstruction, organising the will for change in the organisation, cadres, mentality and life. It has defined a planned and disciplined course of tasks concerning institutionalisation, education and professionalization that corresponds to the necessities of formation of the cadres and the leading and militant forces, of being interested in the problems of the Marxist-Leninist theory and of directing the actual political work.


Our 2nd European Party Conference  has expressed its will for revolutionary relationships, common work and united struggle and its internationalist thoughts and feelings to the revolutionary and communist parties and organisations in Europe. It has stressed that the revolutionary and communist prisoners are the spiritual values of our struggle and it has published messages saluting their lives full of resistance.


Our 2nd European Party Conference, as the very same front itself*, has raised the will of determination to grow the struggle for the revolution and socialism. Our Conference has again created the consciousness of carrying out and directing a work that considers the relation of classes and powers and the specialities of the class struggle in Europe and it has taken organisational decision on this point.




Our 2nd European Party Conference  calls upon the youth to respond the necessities of the struggle at all levels, to increase its organisational level, to turn into a physical, social, political and organisational force under the banner of the Communist Youth Organisation and to increase the struggle against racist and fascist attacks, imperialist war and occupations, militarism and the violation of the right to education. Our Conference has given importance to the task of the immigrant youth to keep dynamic and warm relations with the revolution in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan and it has drawn attention to the historical, political and international tasks of the immigrant youth to take their place in the militant anti-fascist youth struggle in the countries that they live and to fight against the capitalist exploitation system actively.

Immigrant women,


Our 2nd European Party Conference  has given importance to our working and labouring women that will turn into consciousness the women's dawn that has been created by the 4th Congress of our party and to the development of the organisational quality and level of our work among women. It has stressed the obligatory need for the formation of female cadres and leaders and it has taken organisational decisions in this direction. Our Conference calls upon the women to develop the struggle against the patriarchal ideology imposed by the capitalist system and against the capitalist exploitation system and to become the leading ones both in life and in struggle.


Workers, labourers and oppressed immigrants,


Our 2nd European Party Conference calls upon the immigrant workers and labourers to get organised in the ranks of our party MLCP in order to be organised and to struggle for socialism together with the native working class, of which they are an organic part, with their demand for equal social and political rights in all fields of life in Europe and with their tasks and responsibilities before the united revolution in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, against the rule of the capital and all kinds of its exploitation and attacks.


Long live our 2nd European Party Conference!
Long live Marxism-Leninism!
Glory to our 4th Congress!
Long live MLCP for the victory of the revolution!
Long live proletarian internationalism!


2nd European Conference of MLCP
March 2010


* The party work in Europe used to be considered as the hinterland of the fight for the revolution and socialism in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan. This position has started to change after the foundation of our party and it has changed considerably after the 3rd Congress of MLCP. The 4th Congress of MLCP has formulated it more definitely that Europe is also a front of the fight for communism.