Take to the streets on Mayday for freedom, equality and peace!
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April 2010/ MLCP Central Committee  

Workers, labourers, youth, women, revolutionaries, comrades;
Glory to our Mayday, the day of unity, solidarity and struggle of the world working class!
Mayday is the day of revolt against exploitation and oppression. It is a call for increasing the struggle for the revolution and socialism and raising it to a higher level. The working class and the oppressed of the world and the forces of imperialism and reaction will confront once more on this day!
Of course they will!
Capitalism is passing through the most difficult period of its history. The world economic crisis has destroyed the lies of the bourgeoisie about the end of the history and the eternity of capitalism. The neoliberal policies have collapsed down. The bankruptcy of the imperialist globalisation and the bourgeois ideology has deepened. Showing the crisis as a pretext, the bourgeoisie continues forward with seizing more and more the rights achieved through big sacrifices by the working class and the oppressed.
However, the axis of struggle of the world proletariat and the oppressed is also getting strength. The aspirations for a new world/for socialism are growing. The world working class and the progressive humanity are turning their face again towards Marx and socialism. The slogan "Down with capitalism, long live socialism" will have a stronger voice throughout the world on this Mayday!
Brothers and sisters;
The deadlock of the colonialist fascist regime and the capitalist system is growing in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, too. All problems that deepen the crisis of the regime in form of a governing crisis show themselves even more clearly. The colonialism insists on the denial of the Kurdish nation and the dirty war. Unemployment, poverty, homelessness, violations of the rights and injustice are on extreme levels. The colonialist fascist regime finds no other way but showing the dirty war and the economic crisis as a pretext in order to attack fiercely on our working class and peoples and to strengthen itself. The colonialist fascist regime and the capitalist system have no solution and are really caught in a trap. They are spreading death.
Workers, labourers and all oppressed from Turkish and Kurdish nations and national minorities;

Mayday has been celebrated as the spirit of revolutionary revolt and rebellion in our region, too. Let's show our power against the colonialist fascist dictatorship and capitalist system by seizing the streets on Mayday. Let's grow the revolutionary fire of the Mayday through widespread, massive and militant actions. Let's flow towards Taksim on Mayday as hundreds of thousands of people and raise the flags of our struggle even more intensively for the memory of the martyrs of the Mayday 77 in Taksim. Taksim is now a revolutionary post that has already been won. Let's not recognise any obstacle that intends to limit it. Let's increase the revolutionary meaning of Mayday with the calls for employment, peace, brotherhood, equality, freedom and socialism.

Workers, labouring public employees;
Let's take a stand on the streets against unemployment, poverty, privatisations, flexible work, violation of rights, attacks on organisation and injustice on Mayday. Let's grow the wave of workers' actions that has been induced by the resistance of TEKEL and let's celebrate the Mayday with the enthusiasm of this. Let's carry out the celebrations in a manner going beyond defensive positions and asking an account in face of the attacks by fascism and capital. Let's cry out freedom and socialism. Let's increase the unity of the workers and the brotherhood of the peoples. Let's cry out for a dignified peace against the dirty war.
Kurdish people;
Let's take our place in Mayday celebrations with our serhildan spirit by increasing our national demands and aspirations as well as other democratic demands against the colonialism that denies the existence of the Kurdish people and against the rule of the capital. Let's turn Mayday into the announcement of a process through which we fortify the democratic front for a dignified peace by uniting it with the labouring sectors against the liquidation plans of colonialism. Let's carry our enthusiasm in Newroz to the celebrations of Mayday.
Labouring women;
Let's turn Mayday into a strong step forward for the liberation of women against slavery and against the patriarchal system. Let's combine the revolutionary enthusiasm of the March 8 - International Day of Labouring Women with the rebellious spirit of Mayday.
Let's turn Mayday into a day that the young people, who find nothing but destruction and futurelessness and are caught in the trapped of violation of their rights and systemised repression, cry out their revolutionary anger against the system.
Workers, labourers;
Let's increase on Mayday the call for a "General Strike, General Resistance" that has been actualised again with the resistance of TEKEL. Let's strengthen the base that can unite the aspirations and demands of the workers, labourers and the Kurdish nation. Let's build the front for employment, peace and freedom with the rebellious and unifying spirit of Mayday. For asking account from the colonialist fascist dictatorship and the rule of the capital, for freedom equality, justice, peace and socialism; come on to the streets on Mayday!

Long live Mayday!
Bıji Yek Gulan!
Long live socialism!
Bıji Biratiya Gelan!