Call of the 4th Congress of MLCP
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August 15 - September 1, 2009 / Call of the 4th Congress of MLCP

To the workers, labourers, youth, women and revolutionaries,

Our party MLCP celebrates its 15th year of battle with the enthusiasm of having realised its 4th Congress successfully. Our 4th Congress that was held from August 15 - September 1 is a political victory which was achieved against the colonialist fascist dictatorship that attacked our party with the support of US imperialism and Israel Zionism.
The 4th Congress is the announcement of our party of entering the 16th year of its battle with the determination to organise the revolution and establish socialism.
The 4th Congress of MLCP is a call for organisation, solidarity and fight made upon the working class of Turkey that is exposed to the mangle of oppression and exploitation, to the Kurdish people exposed to denial and annihilation, to the millions of labourers who are bled to white by unemployment and poverty, to the women who are exposed to the most ignominious kinds of violence, to the youth of labourers' districts whose energy is smothered through cultural decay and degeneration, to the students whose academic and democratic rights are seized, to the Allevite labourers who are deprived of freedom of conscience and religion, to the national minorities who are exposed to massacres and harassment through the racist policies of Turkish chauvinism and to the intellectuals and artists whose freedom of thought and intellectual creativeness are handcuffed by the official ideology.
The 4th Congress of MLCP is a call for increasing the regional and international struggle against imperialism, establishing socialism against capitalism, growing the fight for political freedom against fascism, strengthening the struggle against militarism and chauvinism for the brotherhood of the peoples and for democratic and just peace, for increasing the struggle for social and gender equality against the system of private property that reproduces everyday the patriarchal moral concepts and patriarchal mentality.

To the workers and labourers,

The 4th Congress of MLCP calls upon you to get organised within the ranks of the revolution and socialism and to struggle under the leadership of our party against the capitalist economic crisis, poverty and exploitation, unemployment and hunger, destruction of the nature, fascist legislations and murders by the police, imperialist occupations and wars, colonialist dirty war policies and injustice. The Turkish bourgeois state and the parties of the system have nothing to give to you but exploit your labour, bleed you white and deaden your minds with chauvinism. The 4th Congress calls upon you to break off with the parties of the system and to stand against the capitalist system and the fascist regime not as the army of unconscious unemployed but as the army of revolution that calls them to account.

To the Kurdish people,

The 4th Congress of MLCP salutes your dignified resistance against the fascist colonialism, racist-chauvinist lynching policies and the annihilation attacks continuing uninterruptedly in the cities and the countryside; it announces once more that our party defends the Kurdish national democratic demands with all its force. The 4th Congress calls on your attention to the scenarios of liquidation those have been prepared by imperialist centres and go together with the annihilation attacks of the colonialist Turkish bourgeois state; it stresses the importance of maintaining the posts achieved through the Kurdish national freedom struggle. The 4th Congress calls upon the Kurdish labourers and youth to unite the struggle for national freedom and the struggle for socialism by getting organised in the ranks of the Kurdistan section of our party.

To the women,

The 4th Congress of MLCP, through changes made in its program and its statute, through extensive discussions made on the problems those women face and oppression that they are exposed to, has enriched the horizon of our party with important tasks on the way of increasing the struggle for the social emancipation of women and achieving the freedom of women. Rebel against the capitalist system, patriarchal moral concepts and rules of life, gender oppression and violence, poverty and inequality! The 4th Congress calls upon you to liberate yourselves in the ranks of MLCP and to fight for socialism.

To the youth,

The 4th Congress of MLCP calls upon you to follow the footsteps of the revolutionary leap of 1971 that has been symbolised in the leadership of Deniz Gezmis, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya and Mahir Cayan , to get organised in the ranks of our komsomol KGO and to fight under the leadership of our party. Arm your conscience with the anti-imperialist power of the youth movement of 1968, with the dare of Sengul Boran and Ozgur Evrim Gocer and with the enthusiasm of the Communist Youth Organisation. The 4th Congress calls upon you to accelerate the march towards the revolution and socialism in all fields of life from schools to universities, from the labourer's quarters to the streets; it calls upon you to arm yourselves with the slogan "Be realistic. Ask the impossible".

To the labouring Allevites,

The 4th Congress of MLCP salutes your struggle for the freedom of conscience and religion against the official ideology which is materialised in the Turk-Is lam synthesis and it condemns the denial of and oppression upon the labouring Allevites. Stressing the importance of breaking off with Kemalism, the racist reactionary CHP and collaborator Allevite hucksters, the 4th Congress reminds you that the freedom of speech, action and association of the labouring Allevites is a part of the struggle for the political freedom and calls upon you to increase the fight for the revolution in the ranks of our party, to unite your demands with those of the other oppressed sectors and to raise the flag of socialism.

To the national minorities living in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan,

You experienced the genocide of 1915 and the massacres of September 6-7 which were organised by the Turkish chauvinism and militarism as a systematic state policy. You lost your intellectuals who were the fighters of democratic struggle such as Hrant Dink, your publishers, your religious
persons at nefarious assassinations. The 4th Congress of MLCP calls upon you to get organised in the ranks of our party, which leads a consistent and determined struggle for political freedoms, against the fascist Turkish state that oppresses and suppresses the Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians and other national minorities who live in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan and intimidates them through massacres and provocations.

To the intellectuals and artists,

The 4th Congress of MLCP states that under today's conditions where capitalism is in the turbulence of the global economic crisis and socialism regains its reputation, it is the exact time to mobilise your intellectual productivity and artistic creativeness for the working class and the oppressed humanity; it calls you to duty as the aesthetic fighters of the struggle for the revolution and socialism. The 4th Congress stresses that the intellectuals and artists who are armed with the outcry of Yilmaz Guney saying "the artists of the peoples is the fighter of the peoples" have full freedom of production and creativeness in the ranks of the party; it calls you to produce together with communist intellectuals and artists and to bind your creativeness to collective purposes.

To the immigrant workers and labourers,

The exploitation and poverty that you suffer in the big cities of the capitalist imperialism is multiplied by the imperialist global economic crisis. The reduction of rights that accelerated with the collapse of the Soviet Bloc and that happens alongside with the liquidation of the "state of welfare" is accompanied by racist and nationalist aggression. The 4th Congress of MLCP calls upon you to be sensitive towards the class struggle in respective countries where you live and to struggle against capitalism and imperialism for freedom and socialism. The 4th Congress calls upon you to get organised in the ranks of our party that conducts a strong fight against the colonialist fascist dictatorship in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan and to raise the flag of hope.

To the revolutionaries, to our comrades-in-arms,

The 4th Congress of MLCP is a milestone in the history of the party. The 4th Congress has decided on the organisational-structural transformation, or in the same meaning, the organisational reconstruction of our party; it has decided to deepen the new style that it created in the Unity Revolution in many aspects, first of all in terms of diversity and richness of means and forms of struggle and means and forms of organisation. Our Congress salutes the historical resistance of comrade Orhan Yilmazkaya a few months ago; it highly treasures this action ideologically and politically. The 4th Congress of MLCP stresses that new ideological and political posts in mind and spirit have been achieved and our militants' power of commitment and determination to organise the revolution have increased through the influence of such magnificent actions; other examples of these were given also in the history of our revolutionary movement. Likewise, the 4th Congress takes it as a necessity of the process of organising the revolution to proceed by breaking off with the weak and decayed sides of our revolutionary movement. Stating that our party will continue with fulfilling its responsibilities in terms of strengthening the united revolutionary struggle and developing the conscience and feeling of comradeship-in-arms, the Congress invites you to study the decisions of our Congress and to achieve new posts in our culture of revolutionary friendship and comradeship.


Let's carry in an unbridled way the political victory that we achieved by the 4th Congress to the masses with the enthusiasm of entering our 16th year of battle. Let's increase our will and energy so much more in order to turn the 4th Congress to an organisational leap forward of the party. Let's study the decisions of the 4th Congress with complete discipline and turn this into a strong understanding through lively and enthusiastic discussions. The 4th Congress of MLCP is a Congress of change and transformation; it is a constitutive type Congress of break-through in terms of attitude towards the means and forms of struggle, towards the means and forms of organisation, towards the models of organisation, towards the women's question and educating female leaders within the communist parties, towards its own history, towards the history of the revolutionary movement and its traditional formation and towards the dialectics of the clash between the revolution and counterrevolution. The 4th Congress is at the same time a congress of solutions. The Party got prepared for the 4th Congress with the experience of the historical active defence tactics that it developed against the police attacks that have increased in the last years and the experience it has accumulated by this way in extraordinary-process-management; it has organised the Congress platform with the power and self-confidence of having repelled the police attack; and with the power that it got from the Unity Revolution, it has bound every single question on its agenda to concrete perspectives of solution; thus it has taken radical decisions which will construct a brand-new period of the party. The 4th Congress is the platform of dare and courage, of renewal and leap forward, of determination to organise the revolution and to turn the combative party that will organise the revolution into a leading party. Together with the 4th Congress, the transition process that was caused by the police attack has ended and a new process in the history of the party has started. This is directly a period of organising the leading party. The 4th Congress is a call for completing the Unity Congress and the 3rd Congress, bringing the political expansions that are already present in the founding philosophy of the party to its logical results in terms of organisation, filling the gaps, not leaving anything unfinished, not being late, organising a real mental revolution. Then, let's listen to this call. Let's start a mobilisation of complete change/transformation from top to bottom in ourselves, our party organisation and our comrades. Let's organise the leading party in order to organise the revolution; let's organise the conscience of collectively active communist cadre in order to organise the leading party. Let's begin the mental revolution from ourselves. Let's raise our conscience to the level of the 4th Congress; let's shape our practice with the spirit and the logic of the 4th Congress.

To the Revolution and Socialism with the Party on its 15th Year!

Glory to the 4th Congress!
For the Victory of Revolution,
Long Live MLCP!

Long Live Freedom, Long Live Socialism!
(Biji Azadi, Bijİ Sosyalİzm!)

Long Live Marxism-Leninism!

4th Congress of MLCP
August 15, 2009 - September 1, 2009