Glory to the MLCP in it 15th year!
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17 August 2009/ Central Committee 

Workers, labourers, youth, women, revolutionaries and comrades;
We are saluting the foundation of the MLCP in its 15th year. We are celebrating our 15th year with the power, enthusiasm and militancy of the development we have experienced.
The MLCP is the product and statement of the Unity Revolution. The party has been materialised through kneaded with anvil and hammer in the strong class war. As the Turkey and Northern Kurdistan arm of the world proletariat, the party has played a vanguard and leading role in the class struggle, and it will continue to play this role.
The MLCP is the break with the traditional relations from the revolutionary movement, its thoughts, its way of making politics, the status quo policy and revolutionary spontaneity; it is a new style, the style of a party.
The MLCP is rebellion, the Gazi revolt, the struggle against forced disappearance, Sultanbeyli raid, the Conference of the Mothers, Tuzla strike and resistance, the protests against the NATO summit, boycott, occupation and barricades, it is the rage of the suffering and oppressed.
The MLCP is hope; it is the longing for a world without exploitation and classes and for socialism. It is the inevitable growth of hope despite the massive and systematic attacks of the fascist regime and its liquidation plans. IN its 15th year hope is standing tall!
The MLCP is the line and way of organising the revolution and leading it to the victory, and of getting hegemony. It is a new type of thinking and behaving. It is a revolution on the mentality. It is the power to renew itself. It is revolutionary will, courage and determination. It is variety and creativity in terms of means and ways of organisation and struggle.
In its 15th year the MLCP has opened the doors for a new period. The MLCP is now concentrating on this new period with the duty and responsibility to organise the leading party. In the new period it will also act with the responsibility to complete those duties, which where only half done in a particular historical development and therefore, couldn't be fulfilled until now. The MLCP has the will to produce this way of making politics on a new level and to make it constant, by deepening the mental revolution it has the power and determination to solve its structural problems.

Workers, labourers, all oppressed;
In its 15th year of foundation the MLCP calls on you to strengthen the struggle for the revolution, freedom and socialism against the colonialist fascist dictatorship and the capitalist/imperialist system and to raise the united revolutionary resistance.
The crisis of the colonialist fascist dictatorship and the capitalist/imperialist system is deepening and continuing. They have nothing to offer humanity nowadays besides the crisis, social destruction, war, poverty, unemployment, injustice and the destruction of nature.
Workers, don't accept to pay the bill for the ongoing economic crisis, generalise your single resistances against fascism and the capital and strengthen the class solidarity! Reject chauvinism regarding the Kurdish question, and fight for a labourer solution by raising the brotherhood with the Kurdish people! As the communist vanguard of the working class, the MLCP acts with the consciousness that uniting with the class movement continues to be a basic problem. Support this tendency of the MLCP in the new period! Organise yourself in the ranks of your party MLCP!
The Turkish bourgeois colonialist regime isn't able to continue its line of crude denial and annihilation on the Kurdish question as it has done so far. It tries more and more to come out of its dead end on the Kurdish question. The Kurdish national revolution and the power of the guerrilla have forced the colonialist regime to think once again about itself.
Brave Kurdish people, we are living a totally crucial period. By saying that with the "Kurdish initiative" it trends to "solve" the question, the regime wants to set its colonialist hegemony again up and insists in killing the Kurdish national revolutionary dynamic. It is now time, as it has never been before, to be more attentive and take initiative against these liquidation plans. The MLCP supports the Kurdish national democratic demands and the national democratic steps that will strengthen the basis of a democratic solution of the Kurdish question.
However, it won't consider the developments and demands in this way as the final step on the solution of the Kurdish question. It is now time to force the regime to take the populist solution! At this point, it is the Turkish people that have the biggest duty. Turkish people, you are the one addressed concerning the solution of the Kurdish question! For equality and freedom, it is right now the time to raise peace and the struggle for the labourer solution.
Youth, since its foundation and because of its structure to unite revolutionaries of 3 generations and its role within the struggle, the MLCP has always given importance to you young men and women. It can also be seen from the effective role the young comrades played in the fight against the attacks of the enemy intensified during the last years that the MLCP ensured its future with the generation of cadres educated within these 15 years of struggle. The MLCP calls on the youth to fight in its ranks. Youth must reject the fact of being forced to have no future and turn its face to the revolution, socialism and the party.
Women; in its 15th year the MLCP has concentrated with a bigger will on the needs and perspectives on the work carried out among the labourer women and the organisation of communist women and has reached a new level. The MLCP has become more conscious that the question of the liberation of women is a basic and current problem of our revolution and the historical and social development. The MLCP calls on you women to join the struggle within the ranks of the party to realise the women's revolution.
Female and male comrades, all organisations of our party; our 15th year shall be the call of being leading! Let us start a mobilisation of revolutionary change/ transformation in ourselves, our organisation and our comrades donating us with the logic and spirit of the new level reached! With the power of revolutionary and party values collected by the 15th year of struggle, let us raise the struggle with actions, demonstration and celebrations that will greatly be organised in every field! Let us conquer the masses! And all friends as well as enemies and everyone must know, the MLCP is now proceeding in its 15th year of foundation even stronger!

For the victory of the revolution, long live the MLCP!
Long live the revolution and socialism!