Statement on the chauvinist provocation of the fascist dictatorship against the Kurdish people
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Istanbul Amed shoulder on shoulder!

Workers, Labourers, Youth, Women!

The fascist dictatorship of the MGK (National Security Council) takes the dirty war to extremes.

First, they mobilized the counter-guerrilla gangs which were caught red-handed in Semdinli , and now the commit massacres with chemical weapons in the mountains. The brutal murder of 14 guerrillas, which were fighting for national-democratic demands and the brotherhood of the peoples, was the last example of that.

As if the attacks of the dirty war and the annihilation were not enough, the fascist colonialism rains down gas bombs and bullets on tens of thousands of Kurdish labourers who wanted to burry their martyrs. The streets of Kurdistan are turning into Palestine. The cruelty is the same cruelty; the resistance is the same resistance!

Our Turkish People!

Don't believe the lies of the fascist generals with their US-medals. The colonial dirty war waged

against our Kurdish people is a dirty mark that stains your national honour. The fascist dirty war is the war of those who knock down your houses build overnight, who attack your strikes and resistances, who tortures your children, who condemns you to unemployment, misery and exploitation. The fascist dirty war is the war of those who pull your children into the bog of gangs, drugs and prostitution. The fascist dirty war is the war of those who plunder you by means of taxes.

The fascist dirty war is the war of those who made available the grounds, the airports and ports to the USA. The fascist dirty war is the war of those who offer the labour of the Turkish workers and labourers, the values produced by you, to imperialism.

Brothers and sisters!

Our party offers its condolences to our people, to the HPG (Liberation Army of the People) and their party, whose 14 uncompromising guerrillas were murdered with chemical weapons after a glorious resistance lasting for two days.

Our party greets the praxis of the heroic sticking up for the martyrs shown in Amed, Adana, Batman and Siir and the resistance in Amed with enthusiasm.

Workers, youth, women, poor and oppressed people of our Turkish and Kurdish people, of our Laz, Georgian, Arab, Greek, old-Syrian, Circassians, Roma, Abkhazs and Armenian nationalities!

It is the day to fight shoulder on shoulder against the capitalist order of exploitation, against the fascist dictatorship and against the dirty colonial war. It is the day to confront the racism and chauvinism with the united resistance of the peoples.

Let us fight;

In order to stop the attacks of the fascist dirty war,

For the clarification and punishment of the fascist counter-guerrillas from Susurluk and Semdinli,

For the clarification of the 1000 secret operations, the disappeared people and the locating the places of the mass graves,

For the recognition of the demands of our Kurdish people, that demands national-democratic rights, in the first place the recognition of the national existence and education in the maternal language.

Let us conquer the districts, squares and schools with meetings, marches of torches and barricades.

Let us raise the flag of freedom and brotherhood of the peoples.

Stop to the colonist-military attacks!

Istanbul and Amed, shoulder on shoulder

Freedom, justice, equality to the people!

Long live revolution; long live the brotherhood of the peoples!


Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Turkey/Northern Kurdistan

Central Committee


29th March 2006