Call for Action on the 21th of March, the Newroz Day
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Workers, Labourers, Youth and Women!

Congratulations for Newroz which was presented to the history of the oppressed by our Kurdish people.

Newroz is a flag of rebellion against the slavery.

Newroz is a call for shattering down the throne of tyrants.

Newroz is the peoples' festival for equality and brotherhood.

Newroz, celebrated on 21st of March, calls on you to upraise for your honour and freedom.

Let's shout together! Congratulations to Newroz!


Our Kurdish People!

In your labourer hands, Newroz has turned into a flag of liberation, a promise for the victory that relieves the pains of the oppressed and the good news on freedom and hope for a life in brotherhood.

Newroz is a fire of uprising now. It is not a carnival or festival. That day has not come yet.

Today, Newroz cannot be a day where you can only dance, sing and laugh with full mouth.

Because; your national existence is still being denied, you are not allowed to speak your own language and you are kept under slavery yoke. Because; the people of Middle East are being taken to the cross and there is a lot of injustices.

Here is Kurdistan under the boots of the Turkish, Arab and Persian bourgeoisie and the US imperialism!

Here is Iraq which has been turned into a cemetery, a centre of torture by the occupiers!

Here is Palestine whose throat is squeezed and chained by Zionism!

Here are the Turkish, Arab and Persian peoples those who are suffering under their fascist-reactionary regimes and bloody yoke of imperialism!

Here is the hell of hunger, poverty and unemployment!

Here are the F-type (isolation) prisons. Here is the Imrali isolation prison!

Here are the Abu Ghraibs. Here are the thousands of children whose small bodies are filled with bullets. Here are the women who have been raped. Here are our deaths whose heads and ears are being cut!

Newroz is calling on you to Serhildan (uprising)

It is your honour to have the faith to become a liberation flag for all the people of the region.

Defend your honour and enlighten the Middle East with your fire of freedom.


Our Turkish people,

The fascist Turkish bourgeoisie and fascist military generals, who are the collaborators of the US imperialism, the IMF and NATO, are trying to choke you in the quagmire of racist and chauvinistlies.

All these scoundrels, who put your honour under the foot of imperialism, are seeking to make you a US soldier under the pretext of "unity of the motherland", "eternity of the Turkish nation", and "fight against terrorism". However, they do not have anything in common with the Turkish workers, the Turkish people's youth and the Turkish labourers, except being a member of the Turkish nation.


Think for a moment:

Who is the creator of this hell of unemployment, poverty, hunger, drugs and prostitution?

Who presents Turkey to the imperialist lootings? Who implements the IMF programmes?

Who drinks the Turkish workers' and labourers' blood through exploitation and taxes?

Who puts in practice the privatisations?

Who destroys the Turkish labourers' agriculture by serving the imperialist globalisation?

Who tortured and hanged the young Turkish people? Who gave permission to the rape of young Turkish women in the police and gendarmerie buildings? Who is the master of the ones who kicked and beat with truncheons the elderly Turkish women and our mothers on the streets?

Who are in hand-in-hand with the US imperialism and Zionist Israel against the oppressed peoples of the region?

Who is the guard-dog of the USA's military basis, at first in the Incirlik military basis? Who gave the airports and the docks to the USA orders?

Are the Kocs and Sabancis not capital with their TUSIAD and MUSIAD? How about the fascist generals and police chiefs, the governors and head officials?

They want to poison you with lies in order to make you the enemy of your own revolutionary sons and daughters. They are pushing you to the quagmire of racist lies in order to make you the enemy of your oppressed brothers, the Kurdish people.


Do not fall into this trap!

Bring into vain the demagogies, racist lies and provocations of the capital and fascism. By taking to the streets on Newroz day, let's uphold the flag of the united struggle and brotherhood together with our Kurdish people. By taking to the streets, let's oppose with hatred the capitalist hell and the regime of fascist devils.


Workers, the oppressed, poor and unemployed people!

The system of the Susurluk- Semdinli gangs of the military generals with US medals is in front of your eyes. The fascist counter-guerrilla regime of the people's enemies is the responsible of the tortures, extra-judiciary killings, prison massacres, disappearances under police custody, rapes, burning down of villages and mass graves. From 1st May 1977 to Maras massacre, from 16 March 1978 Beyazit massacre to 19 December prison massacre, serious of numerous crimes are on the shoulders and bloodied epaulets of the fascist MGK (National Security Council) dictatorship.

By seizing the streets in Newroz, bring into account the system of exploitation, bribery, corruption and oppression, the regime of counter-guerrilla gangs.

Our party, MLCP, which fights against the capitalist exploitation system, the fascist dictatorship, colonialism and imperialism, is going to be on the streets on Newroz day. Let's gather under its red flag. Join the demonstrations and activities which will be organised by MLCP in neighbourhoods.

Mobilise the labourers, women and youth around you.

Raise the fire of rebellion by sending a Newroz greeting from Turkey and Northern Kurdistan to all workers and peoples of the world. Write the name of the Kurdish and Turkish peoples, the Laz, Georgian, Arab, Caucasian, Roman, Armenian, Abkhazian, Syrian workers and labourers into the history of the honourable struggle of the world proletariat and peoples.


Congratulations to Newroz!

Long Live Newroz! Long Live Freedom!

Long Live Revolution! Long Live Peoples' Brotherhood!

Bring into Account the Fascist Dictatorship of the Susurluk-Semdinli Gangs!

Down with Fascist Colonial Dictatorship!

Long Live the Union of Workers'-Labourers' Soviet Republics!

Long Live Socialism!